A Helping of Hamish

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So long, Hamish

A few years ago, I sat down with Hamish in the staff lunch room at the Antigonish 5 to $1.00 to conduct an interview. Hamish died earlier this week and he will leave a gaping hole in the lives of his family, his community and of course, his beloved place of work, the Antigonish 5 to $1.00. He had a rich full life and he knew just about everyone in the store. Those he didn’t know would quickly enter Hamish’s sphere! There’s a lot of talk these days about essential workers.  I think that Hamish is one of those people that will be hard to replace. Reprinted here is the interview.

Ask any business person what the key to running a successful operation and they will quickly point out that it’s their staff. Forty three years ago, the late Creighton Jewkes made one of his most astute hires.

Meet Hamish MacGillivray.

A young 18 year old lad began his working career at the 5 to $1.00 in 1973. And in the natural course of things, this is where he will end it. But don’t hold your breath. When asked what he might do at the age of 65, Hamish replied, “ I’ll probably keep working.”

Good thing. According to one of the owners of the business, Hamish is “the heartbeat of the operation. The store is very quiet on the days that Hamish doesn’t work.

On warm summer days, Hamish can be seen driving in from “The Point” on his motorized scooter. This is his pride and joy. And when the winter winds howl and his bike is grounded, neighbors and friends drive him back and forth to work and home.

Hamish is passionate about Chinese food, Daryl MacLean’s “Beach Party” on Friendly 58 and the Toronto Maple Leafs. He is not 100% sure why he keeps cheering for the Leafs!

Asked what he likes most about his job and he quickly points out that helping customers is the thing that is most important to him.

One could easily argue that Hamish embodies both the heart and soul of a business that has served the community for a long time.

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