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Week 45: Len MacDonald, Author & Motivational SpeakerMy name is Len MacDonald. I am a financial planner, a marathon runner and an aspiring writer of humour stories. I have been doing a bi-weekly column for The Casket here in Antigonish since February 2013 and a weekly column in The Fairview Post, in Fairview , Alberta.

Why Week45? My wife Betty and I travel to Florida every November. We own a time share and they allocate facilities based on a particular week of the year. The first week we acquired was week 45.

I am always looking for story ideas so feel free to weigh in the comment section of my blog. Visit me on Facebook and Twitter, as well.

If you are interested in having me speak to a group of your colleagues, check the motivational speaking page.

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6 Responses to About Len MacDonald

  1. Joan Mac Neil says:

    Really enjoy following your blog, Len.
    Love the humorous reality in the stories.
    You give me many chuckles!
    Keep them coming.

  2. Josie England says:

    I enjoy your summaries of your endeavors with the people of India.I admire your initiative and tenacity to leave everything and everybody to help the poor. Betty too gets kudos for being so supportive in this adventurous journey.May the rest of your journey in India be fulfilling for you.Looking forward to hearing some of your stories. Bye

  3. Gerardine MacLean says:

    Hi Len:
    This year the Antigonish Highland Games is going to be dedicated to the memory of Dr. Jean (Jeanie) Cameron. We were just wondering if you could do a write up on her. Please let me know soon as possible.
    Secretary for the AHS

  4. Marilyn Rogers Lynch, Heatherton says:

    Just a note here to tell you about a story you might be interested in doing. My brother, JOHN MORRISON ROGERS from Fraser’s Grant is a great role model. He has been in a wheelchair since he was 20 years old. He made a great life for himself and he is a musician and a songwriter too. You would probably enjoying meeting him. If you are interested, you can contact him at 902-386-2553 or 902-209-1758. He is an “X” grad and could tell you many stories about his life. He is sort of modest, so I hope he won’t kill me when he finds out I contacted you. I am his sister and I am so proud of him.

  5. Elaine Irvine says:

    Hey there Len, we passed through Antagonish and saw your book in a motel here. My name is Elaine Irvine (Biegel) and I’m from Fairview, Alberta and went to school at St Thomas More School. I definitely remember the group of teachers from NS and I’m sure you were one of them. Please let me know if it’s actually you!! My husband and I are having an incredible time touring the east coast!!! We live in such an incredibly beautiful country!!

  6. Dan McCarthy says:

    Hi Len: I stumbled across your site by accident and look forward to reading more. Great to hear that you’re thriving – at 70 no less. I crossed the 60 line last year, and still figuring out what is next.

    All the best, Dan McCarthy, ‘81

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