Wheelchair Tricycle Project – India

Posted on January 17, 2017 under News & Updates with one comment


The leprosy community adjacent to the Daughters of Charity convent in Kanyakumari, India  requires  5 specialized hand powered wheelchair tricycles for individuals who are unable to pedal. The cost of each tricycle is $200 Canadian ( 10,000 rupees ).

Their home is about one kilometer away from town, the market and the ocean and for some, the only way to get there is by auto rickshaw or cab . For many, this is not an option because of the cost.

Providing a means of transportation gives them options, opportunities, dignity and independence.

If you , personally, or a group of your friends , would like to purchase one of these tricycles, please private message me or send me an e-mail at lenpdmacdonald@gmail.com.

Thank you for considering this request.



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One Response to Wheelchair Tricycle Project – India

  1. Anna Mac Donald says:

    Sheila Redden said she wants to donate $100 towards a wheelchair.I will add my $100. How do we get the money to you??


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