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MacDonald Family at Heatherton

These guys rock ! ( Except of the old guy in red – the only rocking he does is in the rocking chair

Spoiler Alert: My third book is dedicated to my children.


Let me give you four good reasons why the next generation is in good hands: Margaret, Ellie, Betsy and Peter …. and their peer group.

It has always been that one generation looks at the one coming behind with a bit of skepticism and concern. Our parents were forever uttering the words “Kids nowadays!”

Let me tell you about my children and their cohort. By and large, I find this collective hard working, conscientious and caring.  Many of them (my four for sure!) are fiercely independent and strong willed. They are incredibly generous with their time and their talents, supporting good causes and pitching in to help in many ways.  They have a social conscience that is beyond admirable and they respect everyone regardless of race, colour, creed or gender.  They are not all that interested in material things, and getting to the top of the pile doesn’t seem to be a prime motivator. They are acutely aware that we are doing untold harm to the environment.

My children have become exemplary people. They are great parents and understand that being a member of their community requires time and effort beyond the work day.  They are all masters of communication, be it through essay, song, satire or the lens of a camera.  They have a good sense of self and a better sense of humour.

Some of the stories in this book are about travels. I have had the good fortune to journey with them in groups and individually.  They are interesting and interested.  Spending time with them is never dull.

I would like to dedicate this book to our four amazing children and to their friends. “Kids nowadays” are amazing and our best hope to save the planet. Just watch them.

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