The below books are available for purchase online and in select retail locations in Nova Scotia.

My Fourth Book

My fourth book is a departure from my first three offerings. No longer commenting on the vagaries of life in small town Canada, I chronicle my six months in India. India is no laughing matter. During my travels in 2016-17, I witnessed the “chaos and wonder” of this country of 1.3 billion inhabitants on a daily basis. Follow me from the slums of New Delhi to tribal villages and the awe inspiring spectacle of Varanasi. Share in the day-to-day struggles of charitable groups and NGOs who strive to improve the lives of those living in poverty. Read as I recounts my own personal drama being detained in New Delhi for three weeks dealing with visa issues.

Chaos and Wonder: Six Months in India by Len P.D. MacDonald

My Third Book

‘Week45: Tales, Trails and Tunes” combines three of my passions. I love to travel and see new things. I love to write stories about the everyday stuff of life. And I was born into a musical family, so songs are with me wherever I go.

Week 45: Tales, Trails and Tunes

“Life is a highway, I want to drive it all night long … ” Tom Cochrane

Inside this cover there are stories about interesting people and places. In the past year, my son and I have driven through just about every state in the USA. Like Canada, “my home and native land,” our southern neighbor is vast and diverse. We had adventures … and a few misadventures. There are also profiles of courage from people who have overcome adversity and some who are quiet pillars of local communities.

My Second Book

Following on the heels of his first book, Living and Laughing @MyWeek45, Len MacDonald continues to explore the idiosyncrasies of sharing this planet with people he knows and some that he doesn’t. The result is his new offering: Week45: Family, Friends and Foibles


He looks to the past for wisdom, comments on the vagaries of today’s fast paced world, and peers ahead for insights into navigating our future. MacDonald dares to go where no sane man has gone before, discussing delicate subject matter like menopause, or finding your spouse locked in a hotel bathroom. He recounts a memorable visit to the home of a former premier of British Columbia.

And much more.
Come along for the ride.

My First Book

Living and Laughing @MyWeek45: Humourous Stories about Everyday Life

Living and Laughing @myweek45: Humorous Stories about Everyday Life will strike a chord with anyone who knows how important it is to laugh at life’s highs and lows. Len MacDonald’s stories began with his musings while traveling with his wife during their annual trip to Florida every November, beginning on week 45 of the timeshare calendar. However, whether it’s the daily trials of wedded bliss, the challenges of a large and interesting family or making way for the inconsistencies of high-tech living, MacDonald will make you laugh at his life experiences and your own. Readers will identify with his nostalgic glance at past memories and his witty renditions of the quirky encounters with everything from picking out a Christmas tree with his children to dealing with a skunk at a burial.

143 Pages, 2013

Week 45: Three Book Bundle!

This bundle includes my first three books!!

  • My first book! Living and Laughing @myweek45: Humorous Stories about Everyday Life
  • My sophomore effort! Week45: Family, Friends and Foibles
  • My third book! Week45: Tales, Trails and Tunes

Separately these books would cost $55, save money and buy the bundle!

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    I also would like an autographed first edition copy, please. Best of success.

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    Put me on the list of first edition, autographed copies to, Len…..two, if you can spare them! 🙂

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