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C.A.R.E. members Devan Cameron and Gemma MacPherson

Gather up your loose change, empty your piggy banks and head down to the Bergengren Credit Union. As part of the ongoing fundraising efforts for the St. Ninian’s C.A.R.E. group ( Canadians Accepting Refugees Everywhere ) to bring in another Syrian refugee family, C.A.R.E has partnered with Bergengren in this unique initiative.

Bergengren Credit Union has recently purchased a coin sorting machine. It is located in the area that houses the ATM machines. The coin sorting machine is only available during regular business hours. You deposit the coin into the machine and within a few seconds, it automatically tallies up the total. The machine spits out a receipt with your total.

You walk the receipt over to one of the tellers. If you tell them that the money is for St.Ninian’s C.A.R.E., the full amount can be directly deposited into this account. If you require a tax receipt, the net proceeds ( some fees may apply ) are given to the customer which can then be brought to either Success’N Planning at 86 College Street or to St. Ninian’s Parish office.

It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s for a great cause.

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