Friday Free For All

Posted on July 26, 2013 under Storytelling with no comments yet

Stop the presses!  A story fell in my lap unexpectedly the other day and I feel compelled to publish it immediately. With apologies to you single folks, all you old married sorts who raised a gaggle of children will so identify with this story. Have you ever found yourself trapped in a department store will all of your kids ( I’m talking more than 4 )? And did I mention that they are all under the age of 11? The story is called “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”.

Ok. I’m going to get myself in BIG trouble but I read this one the other day and couldn’t get the grin off my face.

” If a man speaks his mind in a forest and no woman hears him, is he still wrong”? When I am defriended in huge bunches I will know just how far I can push you. Remember… this is a humour column!!!

My story about impossible to open packages, called “Open Sesame” will appear on Tuesday.

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