Jeanie Cameron – Born to Run

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2007 Niagara Falls Marathon


Every generation produces special people; people who stretch boundaries and push the limits. They inspire us and amaze us with their raw talent and fierce determination. They are the ones who constantly strive for excellence, even when obstacles are thrown in their path.

Jeanie Cameron was one of these people.  Jeanie was born to run.

From an early age, Jeanie’s physical prowess was obvious.  She excelled at any sport she tried.  In Junior High, she was an accomplished javelin thrower.  At a track and field meet, she was asked by her coach, Bernie Bo Chisholm, to fill in for one of his runners.  She grudgingly agreed and went on to win the 1500 and was a member of the winning relay team.

Jeanie was also a top notch student, applying her steely determination to everything that life offered, including her studies.

In 1977 she competed in the Canada Games in Newfoundland.  Running against some of the best runners in the country, she failed to win. Two short weeks later at Junior Nationals in Montreal, she beat all of the elite runners in Canada to win the title.  Based on these results, she was asked to attend Senior Nationals that fall (as a junior) where she placed fifth, and became a member of the Senior National team.  She participated in the World Championships in Scotland in 1978.

From the late 70’s to the mid 80’s, Jeanie dominated women’s running in Atlantic Canada.  She was also a fixture at the Highland Games for many years.

Chisholm encouraged her to tackle longer distances. “To watch her run was a thing of beauty. She looked like she was floating through the air. When pushed, she had another gear that she could use to stave off her fellow competitors.”  She trained for her first half marathon in Ottawa.  Upon arrival, she decided that she had travelled a long distance to do just the half.  She registered for the marathon and won the women’s division.

Jeanie completed her undergraduate degree at St. F.X. U. and went on to Dalhousie University to pursue medicine. She continued to run, and at every event she entered her goal was to win; such was her competitive streak. Running became part of her daily routine as she began her medical career. She never took a break, and often ran while battling an assortment of injuries.  She expected from herself nothing less than 100% commitment.

She was a devoted mother and instilled in her boys her work ethic and dedication. She was also a mentor, inspiring many young girls in Antigonish and around the province to get involved in running.

Mother.  Healer.  Runner.  Loyal friend.  Jeanie gave it her all.

P.S. I bumped into Jeanie at the 2007 Niagara Falls Marathon. She won the women’s division.



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4 Responses to Jeanie Cameron – Born to Run

  1. Lisa Cameron says:

    Jeanie has inspired many and touched the heart of all who knew her. May we all run our marathons with her degree of dedication and success.

  2. Bernadette Delorey says:

    Len wonderful tribute to such an amazing lady

  3. Patti Boudreau says:

    Beautiful tribute!

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