Many Lives to Live

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Is it possible for a human to have as many lives as a cat?

Meet Jimmy Statchcook.

Jimmy was born in Goldenville, and at an early age he and his siblings were separated. He lived in many homes and life was never easy.  At the age of ten it was not uncommon for him to walk three miles into the woods, with a gallon of gas and a chainsaw to carve out a living in the forest.

As a teenager, he spent a year and a half in the “San” in the Valley; a victim of TB. Precarious health has followed him around for decades.  When asked to do this story he quipped, “You better do it soon.  I’ve already died seven times.

He is widely known for his green thumb, especially the impressive sunflowers that he grew for years at his home at the corner of Hawthorne and Pleasant Streets.

He is a frequent visitor at MacInnis’ Barbershop, and a regular and loyal volunteer at the Hot Meal program at St. James Church, where he helps to set up the hall.

Jimmy is an armchair philosopher and gives Yogi Berra a run for his money with some of his expressions. He often sits in his recliner before going to bed, pondering the great question, “What is life?” According to Jimmy: “If you wake up in the morning, that’s good.  If you don’t, that’s another thing.”

When asked about his daily routine, Jimmy says, “I plan it the night before; otherwise I spend the next day walking around in circles.”

Asked how he would like to be remembered he says, “I always help people. If someone’s in a jam, I’m there.”

His greatest joy is his brother’s dog. That says something about this cool cat … nine lives and counting.

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