Memorial Run For Boston

Posted on April 23, 2013 under Storytelling with 2 comments

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On Monday, April 22, a week after the Boston Marathon bombings, more than a thousand runners, including three of us from Antigonish, participated in a memorial run in Halifax. We were welcomed on a very cold spring evening by the Halifax town crier and a representative of the American Consulate, with a freshening breeze coming in off the Atlantic.

The run was solemn and dignified. Organizers had asked runners not to wear timing devices, ipods and the like. This was not a race. We were asked to remain silent throughout the run as a sign of respect for the dead and severely injured.

There was an air of serenity as runners wearing Boston marathon jerseys and jackets, ran for thirty minutes with Point Pleasant Park and the Atlantic Ocean as the backdrop.

It was a fitting tribute and, by the time the run had ended, the cold air had been replaced by warm hearts.

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