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No, we’re not in Florida. Just wishing for some Florida sunshine



Ok, Mother Nature. The frigging wells are full. Alright? The forest fire index couldn’t be any lower unless they start to use negative indicators ( “This week ‘s forest fire index is subterranean”). The only good news is that all the wet weather kept the students on Court Street from having a week long Woodstock in our back yard.

Let’s get right down to business. I’m going to need your help here. I received an e-mail on the weekend from someone who wanted me to write a nostalgia piece on the businesses that used to be in the West end of town. I am talking specifically here about the stretch from the current Farrell’s Ultramar down to the X Burger ( the old Corner Store ). I am not going to go back too far i.e. the 30’s and 40’s. Nor am I going to talk about the current businesses in that stretch. As most of you fair readers are baby boomers, I am interested in the places that you may have frequented. So, I am looking for three things: the names of the establishments; the proprietor or manager and any anecdotes that you might have. Oh, don’t go having a hissy fit. Yes, I will go around the Corner Store and include Pete Poirier’s Bottle Exchange!

Here are a few that I remember: Farrell’s Texaco ( John Henry Farrell ); Rudy Villeneuve ( not sure about this one ); Dot’s Canteen ( this is where we loaded up on penny candy before the Saturday matinee at the Capitol Theatre) ; D.P. Chisholm Insurance ( do you think politics was ever discussed there?! ); West End Market; Sullivan’s Barber Shop ( Henry Sullivan, Tom Lukeman… can’t remember the others ); J.A. Chisholm Shoes ( Leo Boots and Johnny Boyd ); Mike’s Home Furnishings ( Mike MacInnis ). I think it was Kadray’s before that; J.A. Adams Bakery ( Jimmy Adams ); The Corner Store ( Foch Fraser ). I know there are a lot more. Please weigh in.

And speaking of weight. I have two part time jobs in retirement. One of them is real ( at the hospital ). The second job is to get healthier. I have never been a particularly good eater because I was quite active during my work career , including 8 years of marathon running. When I was running, I could get away with anything… and did. But now that I no longer run, I WILL NOT be a slothful retiree whose main occupation is eating. I recently embarked on a 21 Day Challenge in an attempt to right the ship. I have gone back to school and am learning how to eat properly and exercise regularly. No. I’m not doing one of those fad diets. All of it is practical with a reduction in meat and carbs ( not an elimination ) and a serious ramp up in vegetables and fruits. It’s very much like the old Canada Food Guide. It has the blessings from higher authorities ( especially Betty who knows a lot about nutrition ). I am 10 days into the program and those of you who know me, know that I will stick to it religiously. If any of you are interested, please get in touch with my coach who just happens to be my daughter, Margaret.

My Casket story ( published here on Wednesday ) is an account of my hike at Ballantyne’s Cove a few weeks ago with my brother, Gerard. It is simply called “ A Walk in the Woods.”

I am putting the finishing touches on my third book. Please leave room on your Christmas shopping lists!

Have a great week.

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