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There is a distinct nip in the air these days which is a harbinger of things to come. If you’re a walker, these are wonderful days to be outdoors. The leaves are starting to turn colors which will provide a spectacular landscape. For many people, this is their favorite time of the year.

Unless you don’t watch any television, you will certainly remember the ad campaign for the financial company, Capital One. The ads were clever and quite amusing, taking good natured jabs at other institutions that have a way of removing money from your bank account through a sometimes dizzying array of fees. And their tag line was memorable: “What’s in your wallet?”

There’s not much in my wallet these days. Actually, it’s empty. More to the point, it doesn’t exist. I don’t own one. When I was younger , I discovered that wallets end up being a giant paper recycling depot and I’m not talking about the paper they use to print money. Invariably ( before you could keep notes on your phone ), my wallet would be filled with small chits of paper with phone numbers, credit cards, business cards and all manner of detritus. Oh yes… and a treasured picture of an old flame form high school! And we all know that sooner or later, we will likely have a chip imbedded in some body part, that will carry all of our financial information. A “chip off the old block” perhaps?

I digress. My new eating regime has put me in regular contact with the fridge. It’s not that I didn’t visit this appliance many times over the years as evidenced by the spare tire that I’ve carried around from time to time. But because, I am preparing nearly all my food from scratch these days, the fridge and I are like old lost friends. The fridge is very happy these days because it is always full of fresh veggies and fruit and nothing goes bad. Seriously, when was the last time that you had the courage to dig down to the bottom of your crisper? You know that there is some soggy, limp remnants of a tomato or zucchini begging to see the light of day… or the composter.

I have also begun a purge of the freezer. Admit it. You haven’t really examined the contents of your freezer since your last move or after a three day power outage. I thought that the humble freezer deserved my undivided attention with a story. It’s called “ What’s in Your Freezer?” It is a light hearted look at all of the stuff that ends up never seeing the light of day. It will appear right here next week.

On one of my daily walks recently, I bumped into a friend. I was surprised that his wife wasn’t with him as they usually walk together. He indicated that she was dealing with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Off the cuff, I said to him that it could be much worse. She could be suffering from irritable husband syndrome. We had a chuckle and when I got home, I thought that this would form the basis of a lovely story. I started to make a list of the things that irritate our wives. It was a fairly long list! And I am still accepting suggestions from my women readers. What things does your husband do that irritate the hell out of you? Forget about the remote control. I already have that one covered. It’s hard to explain that even in these days of split screens, it is very difficult to watch football, golf and baseball simultaneously. It requires deft movements of the hand to keep watching all three while trying to avoid commercials… and the wrath of your spouse! Tentatively, the story will be called “An Incurable Disease” but if you have a title that’s more appropriate, let me know.

And coming next week, my Casket story is all about Main Street in Antigonish back in the 60’s. I am talking specifically here about one section of Main Street from Farrell’s Ultramar to the old Corner Store ( Foch’s ). It is a trip down memory lane where you could buy honeymoons for 2 cents apiece at Dot’s Confectionary. The story will also appear on Week45. One small segment of the story refers to the Marian Boy Choir. Some of you will have vivid memories of this world class choir under the direction of Rev. Terry Lynch. I will be doing a complete story on this subject in a few weeks time.

Have a great week.

P.S. Peter and I will be doing another big trip in November. He’s heading back to Victoria and we are going to traverse the middle section of the United States. This should generate lots of stories and some great photos from Peter.

P.P.S. Book number three heading to the printers next week!

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