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Beautiful Boylston



I must confess that I love three of the four seasons, maybe none more so than the Fall. I understand why so many tourists visit our province at this time of the year. It is such a treat for the eyes to watch Mother Nature unfurl all of her colors. Unless you’re a professional photographer, our phone cameras simply can’t capture the magnificence of it all.

My books arrived last Friday and I am very pleased with the results. The combination of my son Peter’s photography and the design work of Jean Pearcey have produced a visually appealing cover.

I did a book launch in Guysborough on Saturday. When I left Antigonish , early that afternoon for a 2:00 p.m. engagement at the Cyril Ward library, it was a very gray day… perfect for people to be indoors. By the time I got to Monastery, the sun started to peek out and by Boylston, you simply couldn’t get a more beautiful afternoon… perfect for a drive to look at the leaves or maybe put in the wood. But not the best weather for a book launch! However, 10 brave souls showed up and we had a good time. Three of the attendees were foreign exchange students. I’m not sure how much culture they picked up but it was delightful to have them there.

Later this week, Peter and I are hitting the road one more time. He’s moving to the West coast and we are driving to Victoria via Florida. You must think that we have a terrible sense of direction. We thought that a week of sun would be good for the spirits before crossing the U.S. on a diagonal track. I’m sure there will be lots of wonderful pictures from Peter posted on my website and surely a story or two. Join us for the ride.

Coming up this week, I will be posting the story about the Marian Boychoir. If you’re not at least 60 and didn’t grow up in Antigonish, this story won’t be familiar to you. However, it is worth the read because this choir produced some world class music under the guidance of a brilliant priest/musician, Rev. Terry Lynch. One of my neighbors on Court Street was in the very first group back in 1953.If all goes well, I might be writing a book about the choir. “Oh, How They Could Sing” will appear right here on Wednesday. There will be a picture of the 1960 choir to go with the story. See how many faces you can identify.

Later in the week, I will also be posting the story about an honest to goodness country doctor. Ken Murray has been practicing medicine up in Neil’s Harbor for 43 years. He and his wife Linda ( who is a tour de force in the community ) are originally from Halifax. They went to Cape Breton for a two year stint and ended up staying. You will recall that I said earlier that I enjoyed three seasons? I’m far less fond of winter than I used to be. One of the main reasons the Murrays stayed in the Highlands was because of the snow. They are outdoor enthusiasts and love it when there’s 17 feet of snow on the ground. “Hidden Gems” is the story of a caring and compassionate couple who have made a major contribution to their community.

How ‘bout them Blue Jays? I’m probably like a lot of people. I am a very casual baseball fan but boy, did I ever get caught up in the excitement of the Blue Jays post season run. Yes, the cynics will point out that it is folly to watch a bunch of millionaires throw, catch and hit a baseball but for sheer excitement, this was great television.

And, the Habs are 9-0.

Have a great week.

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