Monday Morning Musings

Posted on February 15, 2016 under Monday Morning Musings with 2 comments

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Valentine’s Day joy


I am happy to report that Valentine’s Day was another smashing success. Did I shower my wife with flowers, chocolates or fine dining? No. She would be very suspicious if I did that. Did we sneak away to a romantic getaway, sipping wine and reading books in front of a roaring fire? No. So what exactly can a guy do that is guaranteed to please his partner on this special day? Stay out of the way and let her play with her grandchildren. We had two of ours around for much of the weekend and my wife was in heaven. All you grandmothers know exactly what I mean.

I am pleased to announce that Eunice Caroline Byard was the winner of last week’s contest. She was the first person to “like” my Week45 FB page. I hope to meet her soon to hand over the goods.

The votes are in. Antigonishers love Jimmy Statchcook. There was an outpouring of affection for one of the most recognizable figures on the Main.

I have a lot of new readers on FB but most of you are aware that not all of your friends see your posts. Please don’t ask me to explain logarithms. If you want to be 100% certain to receive my stories and musings, go to my website at and sign up with old fashioned e-mail to get regular updates.

Have a great week.


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