Monday Morning Musings

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I was hard up for a picture for this post so I put this one up for your early Monday morning viewing pleasure!

We’re in the home stretch of our vacation. It seems that our vehicle is permanently pointed in the direction of a mall. We are taking a little road trip up to Orlando today to drop off Peter at the airport. And speaking of Peter, he and his buddy Ryan played two gigs here on the Gulf Coast. They did an awesome job and had the two bars in which they performed rocking pretty good. Some of you have heard them before and if you haven’t, check out their website at They are a great wedding band and do a lot of corporate functions including private house parties.

So,  I’m innocently scrolling through Facebook the other day and came upon a funny story about a woman who was scheduling a mammography… not that that’s a laughing matter, I’ve been told. As you know, I am not afraid to wade into shark infested waters so I thought I would take a stab at a story. It’s called ” Manography.” I’ll have to be careful with my choice of pictures for this one.

And just so you know, I haven’t forgotten about the story that happened at the bank in Port Hawkesbury a few weeks ago where I was escorted to the “senior’s chair” to take care of some business. Coming soon, ” The Eve of Destruction.”

I was gassing up the vehicle the other day and when I went inside to pay ( they don’t always accept credit cards at the pump if you’re from Canada) I encountered a lady by the name of Becky. She was having a bad day but it seemed more likely that she wasn’t having a very good life. She was misery personified and that’s is being incredibly charitable. I immediately dubbed her ” Becky the Bitch. ” Ooooh. I know that that is going to offend someone but once in a while, you just have to call it what it is. It was a Shell station and the story is called ” Shell Lacking.” Say that three times quickly and you’ll get the gist of it.

I know it’s Monday but looks at it this way, it’s almost Friday again.

Have a good one.

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