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This past week’s “ Faces in the Crowd” story about Dr. Ron MacCormick generated a great deal of interest… and many new readers to Week45. So, if this is your first visit to my website, welcome!

First things, first. The name “Week45.”  Anyone who travels to the United States and owns a timeshare, knows that purchasing a unit is done by the week of the year. So if you purchased a week’s accommodation the first week of January, then that is considered Week 1. Conversely, the last week in December would be week 52. Because our vacation always fell around the beginning of November, we endeTd up purchasing Week 45 in the timeshare calendar. And because this is where I started to take my writing ( but not myself! ) seriously, I decided to name my business “ Week45 Story Telling.”

Since I started writing almost four years ago, I have published three books of short humor stories, have been a regular columnist for three weekly newspapers and have been known to deliver a positive and often humour laced after dinner talk at conferences.

Do you have any faith in Facebook metrics? Does it really mean anything when someone “likes “one of your posts or pictures? If you are a business, do “ views” and “ post clicks” count unless it leads to sales of your product?

Up until two weeks ago, I had never heard of Ron MacCormick until a friend suggested that I interview him. He had just had a long day at the hospital and I managed to pin him down for an hour before he headed out for a bike ride. It was an easy interview to do as Ron is an engaging person. The reaction to the story left me somewhat in shock. To date, the story has over 47,000 views, 1350 likes, 8700 post clicks, 327 shares and 225 comments.

The comments were the most telling. Ron is respected by his peers and revered by his patients and their families.

I try and keep my Faces in the Crowd ( FITC ) stories brief to keep the attention of my readers. This week’s FITC will be a bit of a departure as I delve into the life of an extraordinary young woman who passed away a few weeks ago. She was born with intellectual challenges and later in life, was cursed with poor health. But Jill Brymer taught so many people so many lessons about life. On Thursday, please take a bit of extra time to read the story of her remarkable, and all too short, life.

BTW, the answer to last week’s quiz ( What is the most common cause of death ?) was embedded in the Ron MacCormick piece. I apologize as it was a bit of a trick question. The answer is : old age. One of my loyal readers ( thanks LD ) mildly chided me for not being more specific!

So here is this week’s quiz. A “ loveliness” is the collective noun for a group of what insects? I must say that I never heard this term used before other than in a romance novel.

Have a great week.


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