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” The Cove “

I appreciate all the feedback and heartfelt comments about last week’s Faces in the Crowd  ( FITC ) story on the late Jill Brymer. As I said in the comment section on Facebook, “ While the story is about Jill, it is also undeniably a story about family and community. You should all take a bow for providing a nourishing environment for Jill, and others who face obstacles, to thrive.” Guysborough is an awesome community.

I have three more interesting FITC stories waiting in the wings.

What does it take to get to the top of any profession? Hard work, dedication perseverance and a bit of luck are typical responses. You may not be a golfer or even a sports enthusiast but this week’s story is about a young man from California who is trying to make it onto the PGA tour… the same tour that greats like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods plied their trade. Very few golfers make it to the big times. The LPGA tour is the women’s equivalent.

Ben Geyer is playing on the Canadian tour and paying a lot of dues in the process. Every week is pressure packed and like most of us when we were young, he leans heavily on family and friends for support ( moral and financial ! ). Golfers will certainly understand the challenges he faces but his journey is very similar to people in other walks off life. Even if you don’t know the difference between a slice and a hook, please take a few minutes and read Ben’s story. He’s a really decent human being, by the way.

We are all quite familiar with the Syrian war and the efforts of Canadians to welcome refugees. In an upcoming FITC story, you will meet a remarkable woman who fled her parent’s country with bombs hailing down on her…. twice and several years apart. She is also our province’s Minister of Immigration, the Honorable Lena Diab. She and I sat down in Halifax last week and had a great chat.

And finally… I had the honor of sitting down with a gentleman who received his C.A. ( Chartered Accountant ) designation at the age of 20 and only recently officially retired just shy of his 90th. birthday. He may very well be the longest serving C.A. in Canada… ever!  His story, like everyone else’s, is remarkable in many ways.

Grab your calendars and mark this down. Now! I mean right now. On Sunday, October 23rd. we’re having an evening of music and dance at the St. James United Church at 7:00 p.m. As you know, St. James helps to feed the hungry two days a week, all year long and it is time to fill the pantry once again. All proceeds from the evening will go towards purchasing food for the Hot Meal Program. Can’t make it? Too many things on your incredibly busy social calendar? Fear not. If you want to help, you can drop off a cheque or cash to Andrea at the St. James office on Main Street. Or you can track me down and give it to me. You will get a receipt for your charitable donation.

Have a great week.

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