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Fasten your seatbelts and let the mayhem begin. Despite what some of you must think, me being a non shopper and all, I am not a Grinch when it comes to Christmas. I will dutifully “decorate” the front porch in the same sparse manner that I have done for over thirty years, to the chagrin of my children. Until they offer to do it for me, that’s the way it’s going to be. I dragged Frosty out of the furnace room and asked him to pose for the picture above. You won’t find me in any stores unless I am picking something up on layaway.

Like everyone else, I enjoy hanging out with family during the holiday season and I love the music. I know the radio stations need to play seasonal music but by the end of the holiday season, I am ready to flog The Little Drummer Boy with his drum sticks. I enjoy going to the nursing homes to sing for the elderly and performing with the choir at midnight mass and on Christmas Day.

I am even threatening to learn how to wrap a present this year, for the first time,  but that would entail shopping. This is indeed a conundrum.

I bumped into a retired male mail carrier the other day. ( That’s not a typo ). We stood outside of Brendan’s for quite some time talking about my stories… and his. He regaled me with some Mary Ellen Spook stories. There’s something about the old stories that is alluring. Even the simplest of things.

Like leftovers and yardsticks.

I wrote a couple of stories on the weekend that certainly took me back in time. I swear I don’t live in the past but I sure remember it with clarity. First off, leftovers. I can tell you that coming from a large family, there were rarely leftovers when it came to food. It was out and out survival. You bellied up to the trough with the other nine bodies and protected your territory.These days, it’s very different. With just two of us at home most times, it is not unusual to eat a stew for four days in a row. And, as you all know, it gets better every day. Coming soon… “Leftovers.”

Does anyone use a yardstick any more? A meter stick for those of you born after 1972. I know they still use them at the 5 to $1.00 to measure fabric but truthfully, when was the last time you actually held one in your hands? I can remember the last time one left it’s imprint on my rear end.  Some of you were disciplined with a wooden spoon so when you read this story, simply substitute wooden spoon any time you see yard stick. Can you imagine a teacher rapping a student on the knuckles with a ruler in 2013? Nope. Better chance of getting struck by lightning. The story is called “Measuring Up” and I should have this up soon.

A reminder to my Halifax and area readers. I will be in the city this coming weekend and will bring along some books in case you want some inexpensive Christmas presents. ( Limit of 100 books per customer. The current record is 50 books )

And finally, this is a big week with my book launch on Thursday evening. I am looking forward to sharing a few stories and laughs. Hope you can make it.

It’s Monday. No whining. You’re alive. Embrace it.

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