Monday Morning Musings

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Merlin James – Pomquet Peace


“ ‘Cause you know how time fades away.”

Time Fades Away . Neil Young

With each passing year, time indeed fades away, more and more so at an alarming rate.  This hit me like a ton of bricks the other day as I watched the demolition of Nicholson Hall. I grew up on Hillcrest Street ,adjacent to St.F.X. University and watched the construction of many of the buildings on campus including Nicholson. I now I stand at the fence and witness its demise. Permanence is a fleeting thing.

Most “X” students will hardly miss this building. It was constructed in an era ( can you say Dr. J.H Gillis Regional High ? ) when windows were eschewed, all in the name of energy efficiency.  While this objective may have been achieved, it was at the expense of fresh air and sunlight which one might argue are important contributors to learning. Fifty plus years has evaporated in the dust. “ ‘ Cause you know how time fades away.”

Feast or famine. It’s not like there’s nothing to do in these parts twelve months of the year but in the summer month there is an orgy of activities, notably festivals. It’s head spinning to see the number of first rate concerts that one could attend throughout the Maritime Provinces on any given weekend. Unfortunately, many of them happen on the same weekend making competition fierce.

I had the honor of performing a set at the Antigonish Art Fair last Friday night. Not many fathers have the privilege of jamming on stage with their children. I have played with some or all of my children over my lifetime and these moments are simply the best. On Friday, Pete and I filled in for an act that couldn’t make it. We had a blast. Pete also got to play with his old buddy, Phil King who is a gifted songwriter. Many years ago, the two of them penned some fine songs and got to perform them on Friday… completely unrehearsed. What a great evening.

I have been spending quite a bit of time driving around Antigonish County with Merlin, my friend from India. Antigonish is every bit as shocking to her as India was for me. I never tire of driving around “ The Cape” or visiting Cribbon’s, Jimtown and Mahoney’s.  We’ve had ice cream at the lighthouse in Arisaig and dipped our toes in St.George’s Bay at Bayfield. On a cool, breezy evening, we drove out to Chez Deslauriers in Pomquet. If you’ve never been there, it is a “must see.” The panoramic view is quite stunning. Far too often, we take beauty for granted. Travel makes you realize how fortunate we are through the accident of birth.

I continue to raise funds for the Daughters of Mary in Kannyakumari, India. I am trying to raise $6,000 for a much needed piece of equipment at Emmaus, a facility that cares for 100 mentally ill women . If you are interested in contributing, you can do so in person at East Coast Credit Union ( Bergengren ) in Antigonish or by e-transfer at

Have a great week.


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