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Cooking burgers at the post wedding get together at Bayfield


“ Take my hand, take my whole life too

For I can’t help, falling in love with you.”

Originally recorded by Elvis Presley

Wedding season is drawing to a close.

The arc of a wedding.  First comes the announcement of an impending betrothal.

It starts like a train crossing the prairies. You can faintly hear it. You know it’s still far away but with every mile, the sound gets louder and eventually it will pull into the station. Typically the promise of marriage comes a year before the big day.

And the planning begins. Any groom worth his salt will heed the advice of many men who have gone before him. Stay away… far away ,from the planning. Seriously, your opinion matters little. Sit back and enjoy the ride. If your future wife actually asks you what you think, just turn to her and say, “ Well, what do you think?” Tip #1 for a long marriage.

The venue is booked. For many years, a church was the preferred choice but these days you’re just as likely to hear the words, “ I do” uttered under an apple tree or on a beach. Then there is the matter of the reception, caterers, photographers, musicians and a thousand other bits of minutiae. One thing is certain. There are a lot of moving parts to a wedding and planning is everything.

Stags and stagettes are popular but make certain that they are held well in advance of the wedding day. I attended a wedding in Edmonton almost 40 years ago. The groom, a talented musician and a hell of a nice guy, made the fatal mistake of coming to a pre wedding party of musicians the night before his big day. He arrived late in the evening when things were humming along nicely. Someone offered him a beer. He deferred but then changed his mind. The party broke up around 5:00 a.m. with the groom amongst the last standing. I will respectfully decline to describe the actual wedding ceremony. There were several pauses in the proceedings.

Weddings are complicated. There are so many people involved and you need a large cast of characters to bring it to a successful conclusion. Everybody’s role is in some ways crucial. The weatherman ( weatherperson? ) might be the most important. Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate. Our own wedding was the day after a fall hurricane. We have exactly one outdoor picture leaving the University Chapel with our umbrella inside out!

Sometimes the unsung heroes are people like family members who have the courage to cater the event. Or the grandparent who looks after the little ones so that their parents can go and enjoy the proceedings.

The train reaches the station.

There’s the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. Then there’s the wedding, picture taking and the dinner, reception and dance. The excitement and energy level is at the acute stage. From the little I’ve gleaned over the years, the photographer might be the one who feels the pressure of the day as much as anybody.

Very often , there’s a gathering the day after which is often a family affair. A barbeque is often a popular option. The bride and groom are more relaxed and the adrenaline rush is still in evidence.

And then it’s over. And everyone collapses in a giant heap ,suffering from physical, emotional… and possibly fiscal … exhaustion!

Lots of hugs and kisses as people from far flung parts of the country make their way home by car, boat or through the skies. “Airport runs” are a staple of all weddings.

The balloons and streamers come down.

The newlyweds are off on the greatest adventure imaginable.

All aboard.

Have a great week.


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3 Responses to Monday Morning Musings

  1. Brenda Gould says:

    Very sweet Len nice to see you at the wedding. Where was your bride? Babysitting?

  2. Greg Albert says:

    Good Morning Len hope you have a good week and still like reading your posts.

  3. double says:

    It’s wоnderfսl that you are getting thoughts from this
    post as well as fгom our ɑrgumеnt made аt
    this time.

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