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Antigonight – Ewe wouldn’t believe it!

 ( Photo: Sara Johnson )


Isn’t it wonderful that some people see the world through a completely different prism?

I’m talking here about the arts community. And more specifically about the recent Antigonight – Art After Dark extravaganza. If you’ve never been to this event, it’s very difficult to describe. Most of the activities were contained in back lots from Main and College Streets to Chisholm Park. There was dance of all varieties at the gazebo and one could wander through the Art Department up at Mount St. Bernard. There were all kinds of visual arts displays, oversized sheep in costumes, jugglers, bubble blowers and several films and documentaries were being beamed onto the sides of buildings in very unusual locations.

And of course, all of this was carried out in the dark of night.

Pure magic.

However, all areas were well lit as hundreds and hundreds of families wandered aimlessly trying to absorb all of this magic. As I said, I can’t even begin to describe some of the things I saw because they were so unusual. I do know this. Antigonish continues to excel when it comes to the arts. We have so many talented people bordering on genius. To the organizers of Antigonight, I say “ bravo.”

On my morning walk yesterday, I took an old path from the J. Bruce Brown building to our old home on Hillcrest Street. Except there’s no path anymore. The entire field where we once joyfully played baseball and football as children, is now one massive parking lot. Parking is a challenge at St. F.X.. Forty five years ago when I was a student, this was not the case as very few students owned their own vehicles.

That field and the path that used to lead down to the Bishop’s Bowl brings back so many childhood memories. We spent a lot of time trekking through those woods, building forts and just hanging out. That’s what kids did in those days. Those same woods were also a refuge for high school students. The current “ Annex” was once Antigonish High School and often at recess or after school, young teenagers would gather in one of  the small glades, to study, sneak a smoke… or hold hands. Oh my, but life was so much simpler then.

“ Faces in the Crowd” returns this Thursday after a lengthy hiatus. This week’s post will be about the burgeoning tuna charter business. Many folks may not be aware that this is even going on but sources tell me that this is a really big deal ,bringing sports fishing enthusiasts from North America and Europe. These people stay at our hotels, eat in our restaurants and buy souvenirs in our stores.

I want to send a shout out to my former business colleague, Ron Sangster who is hanging up one shingle and replacing it with another at the end of this week. Ron has been in the insurance, investment and financial planning business for decades and is retiring. In an earlier life, he taught carpentry at the Community College and will now pursue his love of carpentry full time.  Best of luck, Ron and congratulations.

Have a great week.

P.S.  Just when you think you’ve seen everything. I have been going to the Cathedral for 66 years. I have never seen anyone walk into the church, ( he wasn’t from here ) sporting a large coffee from one of the local coffee establishments. He casually drank the coffee and finished the contents just before communion!

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