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Product of the year 2018?


I report, with a great deal of pride, that I ushered in the New Year for the first time in recent memory. I’m normally a “no show”, having neither the stamina nor interest in staying awake for the countdown.

When our children were small, staying up until midnight was a myth as sleep took precedence over just about everything else. As the kids got older, they shamed us into staying up. Frequently, we would go to bed and then get them to wake us at 11:55. We even went out to a few New Year’s Eve bashes, usually house parties. But you get the picture. We were never super keen on New Year’s Eve.

So yesterday afternoon, I started the countdown at 2:29 Atlantic Standard Time. Huh? With a 9.5 hour time difference, I celebrated the New Year with my friends in India at 2:30 (12:00 a.m.  IST ) sharp… bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Did you get a “Fitbit” for Christmas? They’re all the rage you know and this gadget will calculate just about anything, anytime, anywhere.

I did NOT get a Fitbit. However, after my eating spree, I’m thinking about marketing a new device next year called the “ Fatbit.” It charts the calories you consume during the twelve days of Christmas. This puppy is not one bit interested in the amount of calories burned. No, this is a shaming device trying to do the impossible: calculate the gargantuan number of calories that you consumed while eating and drinking like a drunken sailor during the holiday season.

My “ Fatbit” finally gave up the ghost on the 11th. Day of Christmas as I single handedly tried to eradicate all the sweets in the house before January first. Come on, admit it. You’re doing the same thing. You know that you must curtail if not eliminate your sugar intake come January 1st and the only way you’re going to do this is to remove every vestige of sweets in the house, even if you have to do this on your own. You know you can do it. You did it last year and the year before.

Yes, those last few days before the New Year are not something I’m proud of but I AM pleased to report that there are no sweets in the house as I launch a new year of unfulfilled promises. I’ll go “cold turkey” for the month of January to give my vital organs a well-deserved rest. I will eat fresh fruits and vegetables as if they were the greatest gifts of the magi. I will eat arugula salad with avocados. I will flush my system with 64 ounces of water daily and pee like a racehorse all day long. I will show restraint in portion sizes. I will avoid going to the Maritime Inn lest I be tempted by their bread pudding.

February will come and I will acknowledge my hard work by moving my belt buckle back one whole hole. My sugar craving will have passed and I will allow myself one dessert every two weeks…. Ever the disciplinarian.  By spring this will have eased into once a week and by next December, I will be full throttle again.

Fatbit. Don’t leave home without it!

Happy New Year!

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One Response to Monday Morning Musings

  1. Chris Muise says:

    Haaaaa! Love it. I think I would give more than a run for the money to this fatbit. Have a great 2018 Thank you for your stories and inspiring us to think.

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