Monday Morning Musings

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Me and mom. December 2014

In a few hours’ time, the rush will be over. Christmas will arrive tomorrow. We’ll all eat too much and collapse in a heap by early evening.  I won’t be one of them. I will spend the day in the sky and in airports, winging my way to the west coast, en route to Victoria to fulfill a dog sitting promise made several months ago.  I will be lucky to get a boxed sandwich and a mediocre cup of coffee as the airlines have become “no frills” except for the fortunate few in first class. Hey, maybe I can hitch a ride with Santa as his sleigh will be empty by morning.

Christmas morphs and changes as we get older. It’s now mostly about the grandchildren. Most people my age treasure the gifts of time and good health. We don’t need any more stuff.

We mustn’t forget that Christmas is not a happy time for everyone. Many older people are lonely and this is only exacerbated at this time of the year. People who live in poverty find every day challenging let alone Christmas where expectations are sky high. Many people have experienced loss over the past year with the death of a loved one and some people are dealing with very challenging personal situations.

For those of you living near Antigonish, why not drop over to St.James United Church Christmas Day afternoon as they host a Christmas dinner. Our family has been attending for years. It has become one of our favourite traditions as we share a meal with a wide swath of people. There is food, laughter, music and fellowship. Bring along some rolls, cooked vegetables or sweets.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

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