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Our just desserts?

There’s an old expression I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. The recent changes and updates to the Canada Food Guide have me and many other Canadians thinking about what we eat. Although Christmas is now a distant memory, I’m reasonably sure that most people have dialed back their excessive holiday eating. Not surprisingly, more gym appearances are made in January than any other month of the year. In other words, we’re trying to get our act together… again.

“You are what you eat.”

Surprisingly, the Canada Food Guide does not have a category dedicated to sugar. I don’t think I’m the only confessed sugar addict. Back in the early 80s, sugar was often referred to as “cancer crystals”. Besides desserts, most processed foods contain traces of sugar and some of them, including fast foods, are absolutely loaded with it.

I have been repeatedly told by family and friends that sweets are ok in moderation. Unfortunately, I did not inherit the moderation gene.  When I smoked, I smoked close to two packs a day. Good thing I quit cold turkey when I did about 40 years ago. I am healthier because of this choice and I have saved myself a bundle of money. Two packs a day these days will set you back about $1,200 a month. You could afford a very nice home in Nova Scotia for that price or a one bedroom apartment in Vancouver.

Like most self -respecting Maritimers, I drank my share of alcohol. I decided on January 1st of the year I turned 60 (eight years ago), that I would put a cork in the booze bottle for good. I felt that sleeping better was a sensible trade- off for the momentary high of a glass or two of wine.

In the not too distant past I ran marathons and biked like a mad man. My neck and back now hate me for this excessive behaviour. There is nothing wrong with running or biking. Just do them in moderation!

You get my drift.

If you are what you eat, then what are you?

I am apple pie, crème brule, strawberry shortcake, coconut cream pie, oatmeal cookies, date squares, apple turnovers, Timbits, crullers and donuts.

I am mom’s pineapple squares, Evelyn’s lemon tarts, Effie’s chocolate squares, Nora’s fudge, Mrs. A.B.’s butterscotch pie, and Violet’s blueberry grunt. (A tip of the hat to old neighbors and friends).

I am profiteroles, Budapest roll, chocolate chip cookies, peek freans, cherry pie, muffins.

I am chocolate. I am death by chocolate. I am Peace by Chocolate!

I am jelly beans, hard candy, Oh Henry bars, coconut bar, crispy crunch, cherry blossom, caramel cake and Jos.Louis. I am plum pudding, fruit cake, cinnamon rolls, tomato cake, banana bread, cheese cake.

I am Nanaimo bars, rice krispy squares, butter tarts, lemon loaf, parfaits, trifle and sweet cereals.

Have I missed any? Please do tell.

I don’t have the nerve or resolve (yet) to kick the sugar habit but I’m working at it. I am fairly certain that sugar is my number one enemy and will eventually do me in if I’m not careful.

Valentine’s Day is lurking which usually means chocolate.

Maybe you can surprise your special person by purchasing them a lentil burger on Cupid’s big day.

Have a great week.


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