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When do you do your best thinking? On a solitary road trip to the city? During a walk in the woods or a long run on the back roads? Gardening ( not so much in January! ). Early in the morning before the world speeds up or late at night when the house falls silent? At certain times in ones life ( when you’re raising a young family ), it seems like there’s never time for contemplation. For many people, the bathroom in general and the shower in particular, is the place where many ideas are hatched. Coming up soon, the story called ” A Splash of Inspiration.”

My New Years Eve story ” The Longest Day” hit home with a lot of you. I received a lot of comments and it sounds like many of you shared similar experiences.

And coming this Wednesday, is the story “Mass Appeal” which recounts the rituals around getting ready for mass and attending mass back in the day when Latin masses were the norm.

It seems like the weather is the dominant theme these days now that Rob Ford has quietly slipped into the background. It continues to amaze me the depths of whining and complaining that’s out there. It almost seems like people are surprised with the snow and cold. Spoiler alert: we live in a Northern climate. There are many people who have a legitimate right to complain. When the power is out, it is not only inconvenient for people but life threatening for some. The elderly, the infirmed and people who need electricity to run medical equipment like oxygen tanks are at risk.  People with mobility issues are basically held hostage when the roads and sidewalks become virtually impassable. And being trapped indoors can be particularly difficulty for people who suffer from mental health issues.

May I humbly suggest to the rest of us who are blessed with warm houses, food on our table and who enjoy good health…. please give the whining and complaining a rest. It doesn’t achieve anything.

Instead follow the lead of K.G. and make yourself a “gratitude jar” and on a daily basis drop a small piece of paper into it with something that happened to you that makes you grateful. I am on day 5 with my own. The more that you articulate gratefulness, the happier you will become. Go ahead. Try it. You might surprise yourself.

And if you are suffering from the January blahs and a Christmas/New Years hangover ( not a real hangover… the psychological kind ), go and do something for somebody. Help someone shovel their driveway ( because you haven’t had enough of your own to deal with! ). Volunteer for an organization or just say something positive to someone you bump into.

Have a great week.

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