Monday Morning Musings

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“All my bags are packed; I’m ready to go…

I’m leaving on a jet plane; don’t know when I’ll be back again.”

Leaving on a Jet Plane. John Denver

Actually, I only have one bag packed and it’s a backpack. And I do know when I’ll be back again unless I get lost in The Louvre in Paris.

In a few days’ time, I’ll be off to Spain to do my Camino walk. The plan is to walk across northern Spain from east to west, a total of about 700 kilometres. I hope to cover 25K each day. If I make it to the end, I’ll head off to Paris for a few days to recuperate before coming home. A friend asked me if I was excited about the trip. There are very few things that excite me at 67. Coconut cream pie or a feed of lobsters will get my juices flowing pretty quickly. Seeing a new country has piqued my curiosity for sure.

It is essential to travel light. Taking just the basics will still amount to 20 pounds. Taking my laptop computer is not an option so publishing regular posts on the road might be tricky. I will try and send some updates from my phone which may not look like a typical post. I don’t know what internet connections will be like. There won’t be any Thursday Tidbits this week.

CBD oil update #2.

I’m still not certain if it is the CBD oil that’s making me feel better or that my body has finally recovered from the injury I suffered six weeks ago. My pain issues haven’t disappeared entirely but they are not as pronounced. As mentioned in an earlier post, I am sleeping much sounder since I started taking CBD. As a matter of fact, the other morning I woke up and checked my clock. Alarmed, I rushed into the living room and opened my Chronicle Herald app to see if my name was in the obituaries. I checked both local funeral homes as well. You see, it was 6:30 when I rolled out of bed. I’m an early bird and never sleep in this late.

Readers write.

I get all kinds of interesting messages in the run of a week. My Monday post contained a glaring error and one of my loyal readers was gracious enough to bring it to my attention. I had started my column with the numbers 12:8:6. At the end of the post, I informed people that these numbers represented the seat count from the P.E.I Provincial election. Inadvertently, I had the Liberals winning the election with 12 seats and the Liberals also coming in third with 6 seats. My hawk eyed friend noticed this glaring error which I corrected immediately.

However, it got me to thinking which is always a dangerous exercise. Was she the only person to notice my mistake? Was she the only one who actually read the entire post? Were the rest of you too polite to tell me that a political party can’t place first and third in the same election? Or did your eyes just glaze over this?

I received a lovely note from someone who was flying out west to visit a family member. He purchased a couple of my books to read on the plane. He admitted that he found some of the stories quite amusing and was actually getting weird stares from passengers and flight crew who wondered why a grown man was guffawing out loud for no apparent reason. Luckily, they didn’t toss him off the plane.

Have a great week and see you in June.

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6 Responses to Monday Morning Musings

  1. Brenda Rose says:

    Have a safe trip, Len. You will be missed.

  2. Mary MacPherson says:

    Enjoy, Leonard. Be safe!

  3. Helen Murphy says:

    Wonderful to hear you are walking the Camino Len. I did three weeks of the walk six years ago with son Logan when he was 15. It was incredible and we both want to go back sometime. We met so many interesting people along the way. For awhile we walked with a chef from Italy — we had some good meals those days!

  4. Anna mac Donald says:

    Have a good trip I saw the numbers but didn’t notice the mistake

  5. Julie Rook says:

    Remember the STM walks to Dunvegan.

  6. Miriam Gillis says:

    Another adventure, and a challenging one as well! Blessings be with you, Len. Enjoy the people you meet and the conversations you have. It will be a treat to chat when you get home. We shall keep you in mind and prayers. Please do the same for us all. Journey in good health and enjoy every magical moment.

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