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Drove my Zevvy Chevy to the levy


“Baby you can drive my car,

Yes, I’m going to be a star.”

Baby You Can Drive My Car. The Beatles

I’m all charged up and ready to hit the open highway.

I attended the Art Fair last Friday and met three young men from the Clean Foundation. Clean is a non -profit, non-governmental organization. “Clean makes homes more energy efficient, restores streams and watersheds, engages youth on the environment, promotes green transportation, mitigates the effects of  storm water, helps communities reduce waste and contributes to public policy discussions.”

There was an electric car parked outside the Art Fair venue. Ben, Noah and Daniel have a pretty sweet summer job. They are employed by Next Ride. They get to travel around the province attending events and festivals educating people about the merits of electric cars. Let’s face it, the future is now and electric cars will become as popular as hoola hoops were back in the 60s.

These three guys obviously know their stuff and spoke in a language that I did not understand. They tried their damndest to help me understand the basic of electric cars. “Hey, throw in some quantum physics while you’re at it,” is what I felt like saying. I feel quite certain that if the car companies promoting this technology could just hook these lads up to the charging stations, they could fuel just about any make or model. Their energy was infectious.

They offered me a chance to take a ride in Zevvy, the car they are using to get around the province. I signed a waiver and Ben and I took it for a spin. It was a very quiet ride except for Ben who sounded like a buzz saw as he pointed out the many advantages of green energy.

Did you know that there are Federal incentives up to $5,000 to purchase an electric vehicle? There are currently over 100 charging stations across Nova Scotia including one in the parking lot behind Bloomfield Centre on the campus of St.F.X. University. Want to learn more? Check out this website and get yourself up to speed.

I got quite an education in the 30 minutes I spent with these guys. I didn’t want to burst their bubble by telling them that I have discovered a technology which is every bit as efficient as an electric car with very low overhead and NO carbon footprint, just real footprints: my two legs.

Last Friday night I got banished to my sister’s cottage as our tiny apartment was filled to capacity. As sad as I was to leave the chaos created by four young girls, I sucked it up and did my duty. I hadn’t spent a night at the beach in well over a decade if not longer. After a lovely, quiet visit at my brother’s cottage, I walked a few steps to my sister’s place. It was a rainy night. I took one of the beds in the upstairs, opened a window and put my head on the pillow. I listened to the pitter patter of the rain on the roof. I smelled the fresh salty air and could hear the sounds of the waves caressing the shoreline. Even on a rainy night, there’s something magical about a night at the beach.

Have a great week.

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