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Weekend Walking Warrior


Some of us are old enough to remember “snap quizzes” from our high school days. Our teacher would arrive in class and rather than tell us to open our books, he/she would tell us to clear our desks because we were going to have an unscheduled test. The only good thing about a snap quiz is that you didn’t have time to get yourself all worked up with the anticipation of a test.

So, here we go. You have barely recovered from a weekend of beer and burgers and now, first thing Monday morning, I’m going to put you on the spot. Go ahead and get yourself a cup of coffee and sharpen your pencil.

The subject is math. What is 2×34? My goodness but you’re bright this morning. Yes, 68 is the correct answer. And what is the significance of this number?

By now, some of you have already figured this out. You put two and two together (damn, I can’t slip one by you at all) and realized that 68 is the total number of kilometres that I walked in just over 24 hours on the weekend. Those of you smart enough NOT to be on Facebook won’t have a clue what I’m talking about. On Friday and Saturday, I did two big walks. I walked a kilometre for every year that I’ve been on this planet. Yes, I had a birthday on the weekend and thought a 68K walk would be a good way to mark the occasion.

Pi r2 is a mathematical formula to determine the area of a circle. Oddly enough, an apple pie is in the shape of a circle and on my Saturday walk, I fuelled up a 5:00 a.m. with a significant slice. Pie are round!

First of all, thanks for all the kind birthday wishes. I am grateful for my health and friendship. Having friends who will laugh with you (and at you!) is one of the many contributors to good health.

Now this whole walking business seems to have taken on a life of its own. After returning from walking the Camino, I decided to do one long walk every weekend, which for some odd reason, seems to be good for my back. I have been posting a one minute video before my walk with my destination and at the end of the walk, I have been posting a short clip on Facebook with the highlights of that day’s walk. As the weeks have gone on, it appears that the “weekend walking warrior” has become a new internet sensation. Not really, but it feels this way.

I must say that I am mildly puzzled that people could find anything compelling about a 68 year old guy walking to McArras Brook or Tracadie. Are you that bored?

I had so many memorable and funny moments on my two walks on the weekend. People have been kind enough to feed me and hydrate me! Thanks to all of you. It is such a wonderful way to connect with friends old and new. On Friday, I was en route to McArras Brook. I had just stopped by for a coffee with a relative in Doctor’s Brook (No, you cheeky devil. We didn’t have the coffee in the Brook!). I always walk on the side of the road facing traffic. Just a short way up the road on the outskirts of Arisiag, I noticed a cooler sitting at the bottom of a very steep driveway which I found mildly odd. As I walked past it, I saw a piece of paper stuck to the cover with my name on it! The cooler was filled with cold drinks. There was water, juice and beer. I opted for the latter. I mean, where else on the planet would one find such hospitable and kind people?

On Saturday, my birthday, I was trucking down the Trans Canada highway near Dagger Woods. I have always wondered about that name. Anyone know its origin? A vehicle slowed down and pulled up alongside me. It was one of my dearest friends who took the time to drive out and hand deliver a birthday present and a donation for Simone MacDonald. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry but it sure made the walking easier. Thanks, NJ. You’re the best.

My day ended at my brother’s cottage in Bayfield where several family members sat around chewing the fat.  My birthday cake was actually not cake at all but a lemon meringue pie – my favourite. Pie are round!

Oh yes, the other highlight of my birthday was cradling two new babies. My friend in Tracadie had a baby about 10 weeks ago and my nephew and his wife had a child a couple of weeks ago. Even at an advanced age, there’s still something very special about holding a small child.

In many ways, my recent walking escapades are a precursor for my Cabot Trail walk. I am hoping that Cape Bretoners will extend similar hospitality as I make my way around the Cabot Trail in a few weeks’ time in support of Simone. BTW. I haven’t yet tracked down a place to stay in North East Margaree on the first day of my walk.

Later today, I will be submitting the manuscript for my fifth book for publication – “Eat, Sleep and Walk: Stories from the Camino”.

Have a great week.


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