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Aida Arnold and Beth Latwaitis of The Arts House


When an artist puts her brush to a blank canvas, it becomes a work in progress.

Such is The Arts House in Antigonish. A vision that started with the people who run the very popular Antigonish Art Fair, the Arts House has become a thriving, energetic entity in our community.

What is The Arts House?

According to the visionaries, it is a “space to create.” Antigonish has been a big proponent of the arts for decades so it comes as no surprise that it now has a facility that supports artists and those who are interested in participating in creative activities. The Arts House provides a space (the former Visitor Information Center) where artists are employed to teach young and old alike.

The Antigonish Art Fair recently completed its sixth summer. More than a year ago, organizers felt that the artists who routinely show up to display their works on warm summer evenings, needed an actual facility to produce art and share their talents with locals interested in learning more about art.

With the generous support of local businesses, government and private donors, The Arts House opened its doors in the spring of 2018. July and August saw the first children’s’ art camps which were enthusiastically embraced by the community. But art lessons are not just the purview of young people. Many older folks, including retirees, now take part in a variety of creative endeavours. Last Friday evening, several people signed up for a “Paint Night”. Participants were asked to choose from two paintings posted on social media. At the event, the painting that was selected became the subject for would be artists. Under the watchful eye of the artist, people learned techniques and had an opportunity to create their own version of the painting.

The Arts House also houses a pottery studio complete with a kiln and five wheels.

Local dance groups now call the Arts House home for weekly practices.

The Arts House is quickly becoming a hub in the community. Birthday parties for children include an hour of hands on art activity. Several groups now hold meetings at the facility on a rental basis and a few local authors (including yours truly!) have chosen this intimate setting to launch a new book.

Would you like to explore your creative side? Are you interested in having your event hosted in a great facility that is affordable with lots of parking? Are you a new artist in town who would like to share your talents?

The Arts House ( is just getting started. Like a new piece of art, it is a work in progress.

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It goes without saying that today is another important date in our country’s history as Canadians go to the polls to elect a new government. Please go and vote. It is a privilege and your civic duty.

Have a great week.

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