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I know that some of you romantic types are already thinking about Valentines Day. So am I , but lest you think that I am the romantic type, my reasons are purely practical. The Fairview Post in Alberta specifically asked me to write a Valentines Day story. And on Valentines Day, Friends of Antigonish Library ( FOAL ) are hosting a dinner theatre. I am on the Board and this is one of our major fundraisers. Maybe you can convince your sweetheart to take you. I am also giving a presentation that same day for the Antigonish Career Resource Center.

I will be posting my Valentines Day story on my website this Wednesday and it will  also appear in The Casket. It is called ” The Heart of the Matter.”

Stumped for a gift? Why not give the gift of laughter and buy her ( him ) a copy of my book. You can get it directly from me and I will inscribe it with “sweet nothings” if you so desire. If you can’t track me down, it is also available at the 5 to $1.00, Brendan’s Fairway, The Plum Tree and Brosha’s Short Stoppe.

How many of you still wear glasses? I thought so. Lots of you still wear them. I am about three steps away from using a big magnifying glass to do the New York Times Saturday crossword puzzle. I have worn glasses since I was five. I tried contacts and had Lasix surgery but my glasses are still my lifelong friend. I thought that a story about glasses might be in order. Why not. If I can write about bras and menopause, glasses seems like a reasonably safe topic. Coming soon: “Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory.”

My journey of discovery continues as I am taking two social media courses. Some of you may have noticed a few Week45 ads popping up from time to time on Facebook. This is an experiment as part of one of my courses. I am very excited about the second course. It is an online course offered by a university in Texas called “Social Media in Journalism.” There are over 1300 participants from 137 countries around the world. The course starts tomorrow but I have been corresponding with classmates already. As the song says ” It’s a Small World After All.”

I am a big fan of lifelong learning.

Unless a ‘Nor Easter comes through, the Len and Phil event is still a go at the People’s Place library this Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. I love working with Phil. He is a gifted wordsmith and I appreciate the thought and care he takes with his stories. So join us. Free BOOZE… no, no. Free boo’s! Can you imagine if they offered free drinks? The library would be overrun and there would be rampant absenteeism at local businesses.

If you were able to get out of bed this morning ( unassisted ), could put your feet on the floor, knew your own name and had breakfast, be very grateful. You have a lot to be thankful for and never take these things for granted.

Have a great week.

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