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A walk on the wild side


“I love walking because it clears your mind, enriches the soul, takes away stress, and opens your eyes to a whole new world.” Claudette Dudley.

I have used this space on more than one occasion to trumpet the merits of walking. While I can’t offer any new insights into this healthy pursuit, I believe that now, more than ever, people who have the gift of good health, might consider walking as good medicine during a pandemic.

I’m not about to suggest that you walk for hours at a time. Short walks in your own neighborhood might be a great place to start. Most experts suggest that new habits can be formed in 21 days. I know that I have developed some bad habits during these self-isolating times. It didn’t take me 21 days to resume my sugar addiction. I will confess that I have done my share to keep profits healthy at the NSLC!

I have accepted the fact that things aren’t going to return to normal any time soon, so I think we all need to hit the re-set button and figure out a plan for the next six months to a year. Healthy living is my number one priority.

It’s not like I have been sitting around on my arse for the past 2.5 months. I have kept my mind active writing a new book and doing 50 “live” Facebook shows but these were temporary diversions. I am one of the very lucky ones. At the end of July, I will return to the north to continue my education under the guise of teaching. Many people face uncertainty in the labour market.

I have walked or hiked almost every day since I ended my 14 -day self-isolation back in April. I have still managed to gain weight. This is an equation I plan to reverse.

Of all the walking I’ve done, my hikes with my son in the woods have been the most enjoyable. Once you step inside a forest, it is like entering a magical kingdom. It is particularly so at this time of the year with all the flora sprouting forth daily. I never realized how many different shades of green existed.

Pete and I chat on the trails but most of the time is spent in silence taking in the wonders of nature. All of one’s senses are on high alert. The smells are delectable. If you listen carefully, you can hear the birds chirping and the wind rustling the leaves. Invariably you find a small brook or stream running down the mountain with its cheerful gurgling urging you to stop and listen. The golden rays of the sun part the trees creating interesting lighting. Strawberry blossoms are plentiful.

As an older person with some creaky joints, most of my attention is focused on the path in front of me, trying to avoid tangled roots or indentations in the terrain… a metaphor for the pandemic.

I routinely have a song playing incessant loops in my head.

As you climb further and further, you can hear and feel the beating of your heart. You realize that you are alive and well, and incredibly blessed. Eventually, you reach the apex of your journey and make your descent back to reality.

Walking indeed clears the mind and is a great stress reliever. Your body will love you for it too.

Put your best foot forward.

Today might be a good day to start.

Have a great week.

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