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Getting ready to go back to school


“School days, school days,

Dear old golden rule days.”

I am shocked to be returning to school at the age of nearly 69. I am even more shocked to be teaching at this ripe old age. Actually, I am mostly shocked that I’m almost 70.

Now, normally, I would be doing a “back to school” post in mid-August when everyone’s senses are heightened with the beginning of a new school year. But this year is anything but normal. Returning to school is not even a given in many school districts around the globe because of the Coronavirus pandemic. After what seems an eternity, especially for many parents attempting to work from home while simultaneously trying to entertain young children, school boards are desperately trying to open schools safely.

Make no mistake, in normal times, we would be inundated already with flyers with “back to school” sales and promos. Several decades ago, the list of necessities might include scribblers, pencils, crayons, rulers and possibly a few new articles of clothing. In more recent times, there might be a long list of electronic devices and backpacks. These days, one would be likely to see a list that included designer face masks and hand sanitizer.

These are strange times indeed.

Many of you know that I resumed my teaching career late last fall after a mere 40 -year hiatus. A lot has changed in four decades especially my waistline and hair line. The technology in classrooms today is vastly different, but kids are still kids. That hasn’t changed. Teaching is an extremely demanding profession. I think the pandemic has revealed this in a stark way as parents try their best to home school their children.

I will be heading north in just a few weeks’ time. In many northern communities, school starts in early August and wraps up at the end of May. Exercising extreme caution, teachers in our school who hail from other parts of the country, will be brought back into the community in stages. I will be in the first wave. Of course, as one might expect, we will have to self-isolate for 14 days. Having done this once already, I know that this is not a hardship.

Class sizes in my school tend to be smaller than one might find in southern jurisdictions which will make physical distancing somewhat easier but there will be nothing easy about trying to deliver an educational program in the middle of a global health crisis.

I am trying my best not to try and anticipate how things might unfold because, let’s face it, we’re all in uncharted waters. No matter where you’re living or what your occupation, trying to plan is really a guessing game because no one knows how things will unfold until a vaccine is found.

I am actually quite excited to be heading into the unknown. Some might think that this is reckless and risky of me at this advanced age. You can die from boredom, worry and lethargy too.

I believe that having a purpose every day is one of the determinants of good health and happiness, especially in our golden years.

My latest book is being shipped from the printer this week. I am hoping to receive them at the end of the week. I will do a virtual launch the week of the July 20th. You can nab me before I leave on the 26th to get a signed copy and they will also be on sale locally at the 5 to $1.00 in Antigonish and in Pleasant Bay at the Whale Interpretive Centre. They will also be available on Amazon.

Have a great week.

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