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Well, how much fun was that?  On Saturday, I innocently put a list of ten favorite albums of all time on Facebook as many others have been doing lately. It is obvious that everyone loves music. As I waded through my Saturday chores, I kept peeking at FB and it was quite amazing to see the feedback. There’s a lot about Facebook that leaves something to be desired, but as a place to carry on a conversation with people near and far, there’s nothing quite like it.

In the middle of all this frenzy, I got busy and wrote a story on this topic called “The Songs We Sang.” I am sure all of us could write a book on this subject. If you’re like me, when I hear the opening notes to an oldie, I am transported back in time. It is amazing how the brain hard wires music so that we can remember places, people and events with absolute clarity.

If you didn’t get to read my post on Saturday, go back and take a look. ( “Nothing to Sneeze at “ ) I received a lot of funny comments .  For me, as a non shopper, getting caught in a store in the middle of a sale, is a version of “hell on earth.” I am not the subject of this story but I could certainly identify with a relative of mine who found herself in SD on OPBD.

There are two other stories still in the lineup. Just about every day of the week, I hear yet another story about someone working in Fort Mac and living here. “Head on Collision” is a story about the struggles couples have with this phenomenon of working away from home. I was not surprised to hear that a divorce lawyer in the area has been especially busy lately with the fallout from this very demanding lifestyle. This is no laughing matter. But my story is.

The other story is about one of my major pet peeves…client service. When was the last time you received poor client service? When was the last time you received excellent client service? Most of the time, client service is a middle of the road proposition. There’s only one thing worse than poor client service and that is no client service. We’ve all had this happen when we were ignored in a store. “The Invisible (Wo) Man” is my take on this subject. Warning: I pull no punches with this story.

I know that this is very early in the game, but I have a hunch that the Week45 Express show coming up on April 24th. is going to be a sellout. I would suggest that you get your tickets early. If you are not familiar with the work of Frank MacDonald from Inverness, grab a copy of one of his books. My favorite is “A Possible Madness.” He is one of my guests for the show. He is an amazing writer.

I will be heading to Orlando later in the week to give Tiger Woods a few pointers before he heads to Augusta in April for The Masters golf tournament. Don`t be surprised if some of my posts are golf related.

Have a great week.

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