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Get lost, Covid-19


Warning. If you are offended by salty language, you may want to take a pass on this post. This will absolutely ensure that every one of you will read this to the very last word!

This is an open letter to Covid-19.

Dear Covid-19.

Like an unwelcome party crasher who arrives with garlic breath, drinks too much and hogs the conversation, you made your appearance ten months ago. It doesn’t matter much where you came from but at this point in time the entire world wants you to go to hell.

There are some well known politicians who have been dubbed disruptors but no one in our lifetimes has done so much harm to so many people in so many countries around the world. When people speak of Covid fatigue, just hearing your name (like that of a retiring politician) makes us weary.

Let’s see. The list of people you have pissed off is too long to post here but let me offer a few.

You have ruined celebrations of life and death. Births, weddings, special events, anniversaries, cherished holidays have all fallen victim to your unyielding cruelty. The sight of seniors peering through the windows of nursing homes wondering why their families have abandoned them is soul crushing. And when these same people eventually succumb to your fury, we haven’t been able to give them a dignified farewell.

You have put incredible strain on everybody but maybe none more so than health care workers who are exhausted, overwhelmed and distraught as you make your second pass around the globe.

Back in February, you started off as a minor irritant, a curiosity of sorts. Most of us enthusiastically got on board and embraced protocols to limit your spread and flatten the curve but you are one tricky bastard. You knew you would wear us down over time. You seemed to take a hiatus in the summer, a time that you knew we would lower our defenses, giving us a smugness and false sense of security that we had whipped your ass.

Now you are back with a vengeance. You have single handedly managed to do what no superpower has been able to do: bring the United States to its knees. Fifty thousand cases a day south of the border have leapt to 150,000. Hospitalizations and deaths are soaring. Canada and many other countries are on perilous trajectories. You have caused untold problems with the global economy as tens of thousands of businesses large and small have failed and closed up shop.

You continue to keep us socially distanced from families and friends. The mental health toll is incalculable.

It’s pretty sad when Santa, the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy all have a bounty on your hide.

Most of us have embraced the idea of wearing a mask. For some of us this is a mixed blessing. It keeps us safe and also hides the wrinkles on our faces. Those of us with sensitive skin sure appreciate the need to use hand sanitizer which causes or skin to split and bleed. Among your many charms you are sadistic.

Covid-19. You are the ultimate bed sore. You are the boil on our arse. You are a canker on our tongue, an abscessed tooth and a migraine headache all rolled into one. Let’s throw in arthritis for good measure – constant, unrelenting pain.

I am here to tell you that, we the people, are bent and beaten up but not broken. The good news is that help is on the way and no, it’s not Joe Biden. A vaccine is on the way. It won’t eliminate you, you testy son of a bitch, but it will relegate you to the shadows.

In the meantime, I think I can speak for most people and want to tell you to take a hike. I was thinking of using much stronger language, but you don’t seem to be listening to anyone. The F Bomb was on my lips. We are tired of hearing your name.

With warmth and affection.



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