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Rabbit fur. The raw material for a pair of pualuk mittens


This is certain to be a Christmas like no other for most of us. Most but not all. There is a segment of the population who don’t experience the joy of Christmas because of circumstances. Regrettably, this will be just another Christmas.

I have been asked by many of my faithful readers if there was something they could do for my students or my school. The short answer is yes.

I have decided to spearhead a project to supply Christmas dinners to families who might not otherwise have one. This initiative has received the blessings of the community. Many of my colleagues from the south aren’t going home for Christmas because of the myriad of restrictions. They have agreed to help me prepare and deliver meals on or around Christmas day.

We estimate that providing these meals will cost approximately $3,000 and I am inviting my readers to make a small contribution to this effort. Many people are stretched at this time of the year and have already made commitments to various charitable causes in their home communities which I applaud. Organizations in my home town like the Fuel Fund and St.Vincent de Paul need your support.

If any of you would like to contribute, there are three ways to do this: 1) You can send me an e-transfer at 2) You can mail me a cheque at Len MacDonald C/O Arsaniq School, C.P. 160, Kangiqsujuaq, Quebec, J0M 1K0 3) If you live in Antigonish, drop into the Bergengren Credit Union. I have an account set up there in my name called Christmas Dinner Fund. Should we happen to exceed our target, any excess funds will go to The Family House which is a safe house in the village for families experiencing challenges.

To keep you informed and to have a bit of fun, I have been urged to humiliate myself and post a picture of myself during the “12 Days of Len” leading up to Christmas. I could be wearing a dress or a tank top – neither of these is visually appealing. If you have an idea for a pose, send it along.

Thank you for considering this request. Even though we have all been encouraged to stay apart, a project like this will bring people together.

What else?

Will Cubii’s be a must have gift this Christmas or possibly Dr.Ho’s magic pain reliever? Surely you have seen the ads that will help you lose wait and ease your pain, all the while lightening your wallet. I can see these piled up in your basement in a year or two along with thousands of treadmills, Bowflex machines, and Stair Masters. As far as I can tell, the only good use for a treadmill is a place to hang wet laundry when your dryer is on the fritz.

My favourite DVD movie this week? Woman in Gold. This is a fabulous movie about art that was stolen from Jewish families in Vienna during WW11. Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds are exceptional.

Every Sunday, a group of women meet in our staff room to sew. Even though the table is rectangular I will still call it a sewing circle! A few Inuit women teach people how to sew gloves, parkas and other clothing. I have poked my head in a few times just to say hello when I have been at the school planning or using the internet. They have been asking me to join them. So yesterday, I took the plunge.

The day before, I went to the Coop and purchased two rabbit pelts which will form the outer layer for a pair of pualuk gloves. I will spare you the boring details of day 1 but I only managed to prick my finger with the sewing needle about 6 times. Jessica is my teacher and she is an incredible woman who is well known and well respected in the community. I was joined by 8 of my colleagues who are in different stages of making gloves and parkas. After cutting the rabbit pelts into shape with an ulu (I asked Jessica to do this as an ulu is very sharp and I value all of my 10 fingers). I cut out the leather for the thumbs with a pair of scissors and then the sewing began. Getting started with anything new is always the hardest part.

Of course, the best part for me was listening to the banter around the room. I had the honor of sitting next to Jessica and hearing about her life growing up in an igloo. This is such an amazing opportunity and one I do not take for granted.

I left the room but returned shortly thereafter to get my keys which I had left behind. The women were all chuckling. One of them had commented that the room was much quieter after I left!

Have a great week and be safe.


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