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Love on the rocks


Is it possible to fall in love at the age of 69?

The short answer is yes.

No. I did not find my current love on a dating site. I guess it could be best characterized as a “blind date”. A friend from back home who knew about her suggested I look her up which I did. I encountered some hiccups in getting to actually meet her in person. Some messages got lost or misplaced. I had actually given up any hope of meeting her until I received a call one day that would change the trajectory of my life in my ‘golden years’.

Oh, I remember so well the first time we met. I found her dark and brooding, cold and distant. This was hardly a good first impression but over my lifetime I have learned not to be too quick to judge. I figured that if she was as nice as my friend made her out to be, that she would eventually warm up. In the early going, I was having my doubts. Chilly turned to frigid and I was concerned that my time with her would be short lived.

She had a few wrinkles which is what I would have expected of someone her age. I have a few myself. A match made in wrinkle heaven!

We persevered and after a few months, I started to notice a subtle change in our relationship. She seemed a little less distant and with each passing day in the early part of 2020, she actually lightened up which was a pleasant change.

And then Covid arrived putting a halt to this budding romance as I needed to head back to Nova Scotia. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that we would be apart for four months. This would be a serious test of our commitment to each other. I wasn’t sure if the relationship was worth pursuing but, in the end, I sent her a note indicating that I would be returning.

When I arrived back in the north on August 1st, I noticed a complete change in my friend. She had warmed up considerably. Unshackled by winter, her dress and demeanor couldn’t have been much different. She was light and breezy and the colors she wore were quite striking. I now understood better what my friend had seen in her. We better understood each other and there was an air of comfort and familiarity. I’m not sure if it was her or me, but the relationship had changed. It was truly blossoming.

It’s hard to pinpoint a moment in time when one can declare unequivocally that they are in love, but I could feel it growing by the day.

Like many other people, I am unable to travel home at Christmas to be with my family and friends. I am not happy about this, but it is the harsh reality of a pandemic. The good news is that I get to spend my first Christmas with my new love.

I failed to mention that my new girlfriend is several million years old. She goes by the name of Kangiqsujuaq.


Have a great Christmas week.

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