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Oh Canada,

Our home and native land.”

Like many Canadians, I am filled with shame and rage.

The revelations of 251 children buried in a mass grave in Kamloops and the 751 unmarked graves in Saskatchewan shouldn’t come as a surprise. It has been known for a long time that there were thousands of indigenous children who went missing during residential school era. This is nothing short of genocide.

Reconciliation begins with education. I implore you to take 35 minutes out of your busy lives (maybe on Canada Day?) to watch this documentary recently released by the Canadian Medical Association. It is a powerful history lesson, not the romanticized version of Netsook that we learned about in Canadian history books back in the 1960s. Maybe this would be a good time to consider rewriting the history books used in schools so that non- indigenous students don’t grow up becoming unknowingly and unwittingly racist.

The irony is hard to escape. Canadian politicians (not just the current batch) continue to call into question the human rights abuses in oligarchies and banana republics. I think it is time for Canada to step down from its high horse and take a long, hard look in the mirror.

A good starting point might be for federal and provincial governments and especially the churches (notably the Catholic Church) to open all records pertaining to residential schools. Why is their reluctance to do this? One suspects that it comes down to liability and liability eventually comes down to money.

While all of this is horrific, what makes it even more unpalatable and unconscionable are the coverups. It is being reported that the reason for the 751 unmarked graves at Marieval in Saskatchewan is that the church removed grave markers back in the 1960s. If this indeed is proved to be factual, then the scandal only widens and deepens.

There is a lot of discussion about Canada Day. How will villages, towns and cities celebrate Canada’s 154th birthday? Many communities have already decided to cancel July 1st activities. This day may be the perfect opportunity to begin the re-education of Canadians by reflecting on what has happened recently. Maybe watch a documentary?

I believe that this is a watershed moment for our country. How we respond will determine to a large extent whether or not we will maintain our lofty status as one of the most desirable countries in which to live in the world.

“Oh Canada,

We stand on guard for thee.”

We must stand on guard for ALL Canadians.

We owe it to our indigenous people to right these wrongs.

The truth can’t be buried any longer.




That the yellow bus

Pulled up

And your heart lifted to see her

Hurrying down the stairs

Eager to tell you of the day


Hair all messed now

That you combed straight and neat when she left

And where is her left sock?

T shirt spotted because today was pizza day


Her face alight

Talking as soon as she sees you


You watch for her

And she isn’t on the bus


She’s gone

You never know more than that

Or hear about that final day of school


Now imagine

That all over our country

Parents wait

And children

Never come home from school


Their bodies small

But the loss as big as the world.”


Lalia Kerr


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