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Marathon Monday in Boston



My heart will be in Boston this morning for the marathon. Unfortunately, my body will be at my office. Good luck, Cathy, Lisa and Charlene.

So, here’s the tally: five church services, a turkey dinner; a ham dinner; a steak and chicken dinner ( barbeque ); too many desserts to count; a weekend visit from two grandchildren; house upside down. An Easter Sunday afternoon power snooze: Priceless! Hope you all had a great weekend too.

In the middle of all the above mentioned activity and confusion, I managed to write a few new stories.

I was driving by Kenny’s the other day and noticed the price at the gas pumps. I don’t pay much attention to the price of gas these days. The kids are gone, I don’t travel as much on business and we are down to one small, fuel efficient car. I think the price went up about .12 cents a litre in the last week. Which got me to thinking… how in the hell do they calculate the price of gas? I’m sure you’ve pondered the same thing especially when you hear that the price of a barrel of oil has dropped considerably. I have my own theory and it’s one you won’t find in any third year business course at the university. The story is called , “ Adding Fuel to The Fire.”

The inspiration for the other story came from a passing comment I heard the other day about an old boozer who showed up in town one day driving a brand new truck. He had been kicking around in the same old quarter ton truck for what seemed like an eternity. So you can imagine the heads turning and the tongues wagging when he travelled down Main Street in a $45,000 rig. It also brought back memories when we would “cruise the main” when we were old enough to drive. How cool was that?! Coming soon, “ Bottoms Up.”

Did I happen to mention that there is a fundraiser later this week? Only a few dozen times. The big day is Thursday so treat yourself to a night out and help support a very worthy cause while you’re at it. Hope to see you at 7:00 p.m on the 24th. at the Schwartz Auditorium. Laughter, music and fabulous door prizes.

And yes, ladies, the comments I made the other day about seeing a man at a resort sporting a leopard print Speedo is 100% true. It may rank as one of the most ridiculous and obscene things that I have ever seen.

Have a great week.

P.S. The story on “new math” elicited quite a response. A friend, BV sent me this video clip on the same subject.


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