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Heading to a 100th. birthday party – July 1/89



The picture above was taken 25 years ago, almost to the day. In 1989, the Town  of Antigonish celebrated its 100th birthday. To commemorate the event, there were all kinds of special events. I was a member of Town Council at the time and on July 1st., we dressed up in period costumes. We were driven through the town in horse drawn buggies and attended a citizenship ceremony at the old Court House. It was a great day and one I won’t soon forget.

By the way, the first mayor of Antigonish was Leonard Archibald. I don’t think there has been another mayor named Leonard since then and if Betty has any say in the matter ( which she does! ), there won’t be another… at least not from this household!

I was very happy to attend a benefit concert last week for Andrew Murray. Andrew lost many of his possessions in a fire a few weeks back. It was a wonderful evening and was held in the newly renovated St. James United Church. It was hastily put together but the organizers managed to collect a fantastic lineup of talent. The evening was topped off by a monologue by Andrew that was witty and poignant. Andrew is an amazing talent and we are fortunate to have him in our community.

Later this week, I will be the master of ceremonies for “Art in the Park.” This summer long program is an attempt to spotlight all of the artistic talent in our community. The opening night is Friday, June 27th. at Chisholm Park starting at 5:30 and going until 9:00. I will be at the gazebo introducing a wide array of talent. There will be singers, highland dancers, belly dancers ( I won’t be one of them ! ), a fire eater and much more. If the weather cooperates (?), there will be all kinds of kiosks and tents where local artisans will be showing their work. There will be food vendors as well. It sounds like it’s going to be a great evening. Please join me and stop by and say hello while you’re at it. In case you’re out of town that day, the Art Fair will be held every second Friday of the summer , with different performers and vendors.

And speaking of the Art Fair, I attended an organizational meeting last week to get my marching orders as MC. One of the co-chairs is a dear old friend ( she’s not old…she’s the same age as me ) and we got chatting. She reminded me of the time growing up on Hillcrest Street when she lay a beating on me, after I hit her in the shins with a slap shot playing street hockey. I know it’s not winter, even though it feels that way, but I had to chronicle this story. “The Puck Stops Here” will be published shortly.

Sorry, but with all the buzz about “Chase the Ace” I couldn’t resist the opportunity to write a slightly satirical piece on this phenomenon. “Chasing Clouds” takes a look at our collective “lottery mentality.”

I want to give a shout out to the good folks of Heatherton who are in the process of taking over their school after its closure. They are ramping up a major fundraiser so that they will have the resources to keep the building going as a community center. Support them if you are able.

Check out this week’s Casket for my story on piping and drumming called “Pipe Dreams.”

Have a great week.

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