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Me and Constable Mike McKenna at the Antigonish Art fair



The picture above was taken just a few minutes before the opening ceremony at the Antigonish Art Fair last Friday at Chisholm Park. It was beautiful evening and a large crowd enjoyed a multi cultural evening of entertainment and food. The star attraction, though, was the local art community. Approximately 30 artists were on hand to showcase their works. There will be four more events in this series. The next one is Friday, July 11th. during Highland Games week. Come and join us and stop by to say hello. I will once again be the emcee for the show.

I enjoy going to the Farmer’s Market. I rarely buy anything but I like having a coffee and just chatting with folks. It is the quintessential meeting place. I never fail to get a new story idea. So, I was at the Market last Saturday and this lady I know stops by the picnic table where I’m sitting. She’s carrying a large bag of beautiful “fresh from the garden” carrots and an abundance of greens. I was admiring the haul and was surprised to find out that this harvest was not for human consumption. It was for her ”foster rabbit.” I’m not making up this next part. The rabbit lives in her house… in the bathroom. I don’t remember too much more of the conversation as I started to write the story in my head.

I often wonder if I’ll run out of story ideas. I don’t think so.

I need just one more person to sign up to bring me to 500 “likes’ on my Week45 Facebook page. I am told that this is a milestone for a business. I am going to offer to write a story for lucky #500.

Tomorrow is Canada Day and I hope you will take time to think about how lucky you are to live in this great country. It is difficult to watch the atrocities in the Middle East where there seems to be little respect for life,  among the fanatics.

And speaking of being grateful, I, for one, am very grateful to live in Antigonish. I think it is one of the most amazing small towns in Canada.

My “gratitude jar” is officially half full. ( The pessimists would say half empty! ). Every day for the past six months, I have written a small note at the end of the day, expressing my gratefulness for something, and have deposited it in a jar. It doesn’t have to be something profound. I know one entry was expressing gratitude for a lemon meringue pie that was given to me by M.F.

Can you believe that it was 33 years ago on June 28th. that one of our national heroes died? Terry Fox continues to inspire us. We all know people who are struggling with cancer today.

Please. No whining unless you have something serious to whine about. The weather doesn’t count.

Happy Canada Day to all of you.

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