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Sunshine Sue’s Shoes ( say that 3 times! )



It was another glorious summer weekend. As usual, there was lots to do…too many things to do and not enough time. Sounds vaguely familiar? Yes. This was the subject of my story “Feast or Famine” which was posted on the weekend. If you missed it, go back and take a look. All of my posts are archived and are easy to find using the search bar.

So, how about those sneakers belonging to Sunshine Sue, one of our featured performers at the Antigonish Art Fair this past Friday?  It was an amazing evening. Over 800 people showed up and enjoyed the entertainment, the food and of course, the art, which is the whole point of the fair. It was definitely a family affair as there were oodles of small children along with parents and grandparents. The entertainment was first class. There were so many highlights it seems unfair to single out any act but I think if you conducted a straw poll, I believe the young Filipino singers and dancers would easily be at the top of most people’s list. As I said after the performance, we are very lucky that this group of people has decided to call Antigonish their home. We are the better for it.

I received a lot of interesting e-mails this week. One was from a lady from Northern Alberta whom I met a few weeks ago at the gazebo prior to the start of that evening’s “Art in the Park.” I’m not certain how we got on the subject but we chatted about the delicate balancing act that is known as marriage. She started telling me how she and her husband maintain the scales of justice in their household. I asked her to put this in writing, which she did. It is absolutely hilarious. I may ask her if I can edit it and use it. Basically, they have a “tit for tat” arrangement. He collects old cars ( and car parts) which she thinks is frivolous. She, in turn, spends equal amounts of money on clothes. She had accumulated so much clothing that they changed the deal . Every time he brought home another old car, she could get a new cat. This lost its lustre with her husband after cat number 4. And on and on it went. One of the great joys of writing is hearing other people’s stories.

We travelled to Guysborough town last week to see an excellent concert with Steve Wright and his family. I had a chance to catch up with some old university friends. We chatted about their home town and how beautiful it was in the summer. They have all the amenities a community could hope for including a top notch performing arts venue. One of them lamented that what the community needed most was people. They are suffering a common plight. Outmigration. The region desperately needs new business to keep it alive and well. I’m not sure what the answer is. Any time a new industry appears on the radar screen, it seems that there are many people who don’t want it in their back yards. We all want our families back from Alberta but they need work with good paying jobs to keep them here.

July is just about in the rear view mirror. What a blur.

Hope you have a great week.


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