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The motto at The Clucking Hen Restaurant



I saw this t-shirt at The Clucking Hen restaurant which is located a few kilometers up the road after getting off the Englishtown Ferry. It is one of my favorite places to eat on the Cabot Trail. The food is excellent ( their homemade butterscotch cream and lemon meringue pies are to die for ) and the women who run the place are , simply put, lovely people.

I had an amazing day last Friday. I did a day long solo trip around the Cabot Trail which was a first for me. I have done the Trail well over 50 times but never alone. No kids, grandkids, brothers, sisters, cousins, ghosts of deceased relatives… and no Betty. She was working and couldn’t come. I started the day visiting Raylene Rankin’s grave in Mabou and finished it attending the wake of an old university friend, Bobby Doucette, in Ingonish. In between, I travelled the highways and byways, including a side trip to Meat Cove.

I have penned a lengthy story ( circa 1200 words ) about the trip called “ Happy Trails.”

One good piece of news ( for me, anyway ) is that the gift shop at Cabot Links is now carrying my book. The gift shop is housed in a giant yurt.  I met a wonderful lady by the name of Ann, who manages the place. We struck up an animated conversation and before I knew it, the books were on the shelf. She later confessed to being a Campbell. When I got home, I wrote a story about this chance meeting. It’s called “Salt of the Yurt” and will be appearing soon at Week45.

So. Were you at Woodstock , 45 years ago? Every other 60 something person claims to have been there. By my reckoning, the globe would have tipped over if everyone who claims to have been there, was actually there.

I also wrote a story about earworms and hope to have this one posted soon as well.

And of course, “ A Bolt From The Blue,” my firsthand account of our lightning strike, will appear on my website on Wednesday this week. I must say that I have reached the saturation point with this story. It’s pretty bad when you go to two funerals and a wedding and you get as much attention as the dearly departed and the newly weds.

I have a good story in this week’s Cape Breton Star about chicken. (“ Chickened Out “) . If you happen to be in Cape Breton this week, you can pick up your free copy at most newsstands.

If everything is going well for you today, count your blessings. Never take your good fortune for granted.

Have a great week.

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