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Do you know where this is?



The first Antigonish Art Fair is officially in the books.  David Miller and Beth Latwaitis deserve most of the credit for bringing this wonderful event to life. They worked tirelessly all spring and summer securing funding, contacting local artisans and artists and food vendors. Jyotsna and Ruth put in a lot of time with the logistics and there were tons of volunteers. My job as emcee was a lot of fun. It was chaotic at times trying to juggle all of the acts at the gazebo ( and in the Farmer’s Market barn for the last event ), but I got a front row seat. I liken it to baking cookies. The other committee members assembled the ingredients, Jyotsna and I mixed up the batter and the put the cookies in the oven. I hope most people agree that the finished product was pretty tasty.

If anybody says that there’s nothing to do in Antigonish, please feel free to give them a shake on my behalf. I won’t even start to list everything that has gone on in the past week. But if these same people hauled themselves off the couch last Friday evening they would have seen the following at the Art Fair: “popping” a dance craze that came out of L.A. in the 70’s ( Los Angeles… not Lake Ainslie! ); Arpo and Ally the clowns; belly dancing, Wild Hearts, Lazurus, a violinist from Madras, India; some awesome guitar players and vocalists and much more.

And did I mention the Philipinos? We have an ever growing population of Philipinos who have chosen Antigonish as their home. Besides bringing an incredible work ethic to the companies who employ them, they have also brought an irrepressible joy for life as was demonstrated in their two performances at the Art Fair. Please go out of your way to make them welcome in our community. They are wonderful people.

Here’s my last word on the murals. I spoke with local artist Eli Tynan who explained to me how the murals have surfaced around town. The Town ran a contest and the successful artists were able to have their works scanned and printed on aluminum. One of Eli’s alcohol ink paintings will soon grace a building on the Main. Look for it. But don’t drink it!

Ok. Enough culture. When was the last time you tried to cancel a credit card? When was the last time you felt like throwing your phone on the ground and stomping on it while the client service rep on the other end of the line is trying to explain to you why this is not possible? And do you have any idea how ridiculous this exercise is when you have a credit balance? “Credit Card Crazy” is a tell all about my attempts to cancel a card with a credit balance ( wait for this )…. of  30 cents.

Whoosh. That is the sound of life speeding along. It’s the end of August, in case you haven’t noticed. It is startling watching the months hurtle by like a locomotive coming down a mountain pass.

Have a great week. Long weekend coming up!


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