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On our weekend hike at Cape George, Betty told me to go to …L.  Here’s proof that I went to L and back!



Long weekends are such a blessing, especially when the weather cooperates. Saturday and Sunday were simply perfect. We took the opportunity Sunday to go for a long hike out on the trails at Cape George. We probably bit off a bit more than we could chew and at the hour and a half mark, bailed and came down the Marsh Road. When we got to Albie’s, I seriously thought about buying a car. The old legs had had just about enough.

We spent a lovely evening with our old neighbors in Cloverville and shared some funny stories form when we lived in the neighborhood.

I also had time to write a new story this weekend.  Actually, I think this one will turn into a trilogy. Shane and I were driving to Middle Musquodobit last Friday to attend a wake, when we passed a rather large sawmill. I saw this enormous pile of sawdust and just like that, I was transported back to Victoria, B.C. 41 years ago ( not to be mistaken with 41 B.C. I’m not that old! ) when I worked in a massive sawmill for six months after graduating from X. If you can imagine a softie university student going to work in the rough and tumble environment of a sawmill. My first job was on the “green chain.” If you don’t know what that is, look it up, or better still just wait a few days and read my story. It’s called “Milling Around.”

Every once in a while , I write a story that I really like. It’s like a musician having a favorite tune that he or she plays. This story has already been published in the Cape Breton Star. It’s odd sometimes seeing your work in print. It often looks quite different than the copy that I pound out on the computer keyboard.

Coming up on Wednesday, is my account of my solo trip around the Cabot Trail. There’s something about this story that makes me want to be a travel writer. While I have done “the trail” dozens of times, doing it alone is a very different experience. I hope you will enjoy “Happy Trails” and that you will share it with people from here who live in other parts of the world.

Later in the week, I will publish the story “They Call Me Yellow Jell-o.” Every word of this story is true and I have waited 37 years to write it… to protect a lot of people!

Here’s hoping you have a great week and welcome to September.


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