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pete dad trip start 2

Somewhere in New York State – December, 2014

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Do you ever feel old? Is getting out of bed in the morning a challenge? Do you find many of your conversations begin and end with a discussion about aches and pains? I believe they call this aging. Later this week, I will be giving a keynote address at a conference where the theme will be “Aging Actively.”  I think they should change the title to “Aching Actively.”  Our recent move, which took the better part of three weeks, is over. Time for a round of massages.

And, yes, our house is officially for sale as of today. If you know of anyone who needs lots of bedrooms and a home office, this would be the perfect house for them.

Those of you who are new to “Week45” will quickly find out that I will tackle subjects that are fraught with danger. I will tread where no man dares. In the past, I have weighed in on the church and even had the audacity to comment on menopause…  from a man’s perspective. So, why would you be the least bit surprised to find out that I have just penned a story , about…. bras!

Being a liberated male, I throw myself into domestic chores, particularly at this time of the year when my wife is putting in very long hours doing tax returns. My cooking isn’t gourmet but is passable ( I haven’t killed anyone yet. ) I shop for groceries, do household chores and handle most of the laundry duties. The latter has become so much easier now that everything is on one level and there aren’t multiple trips to the basement.

I have learned quite a bit about laundry over the years. It’s not as if men are total strangers to this task. I didn’t get married till my early thirties so I did all my own laundry for years. It’s one thing to throw a bunch of socks, underwear and t-shirts into the wash and dry them all on high heat. It’s quite another thing when you start doing laundry with women’s apparel.

I am going to do all men a big favor and give them some helpful pointers about laundering bras. I have gone to the “school of hard knocks” on this subject. There are definitely some dos and don’ts. Coming up soon, “ My Cup Runneth Over ( Bra Beaten ). “ This story could be heavily redacted by the editor (!).

Part 2 of Transcontinental Travel Tips will be published this Saturday.

Thinking about having coffee and story exchange  this Saturday, Feb. 28th. at 10:00 a.m.  at the Prissy Pig. Would you (a) private message me (b) send me an e-mail (c) call me (d) send a message via homing pigeon or (e) smoke signals and let me know if you can join me? I need to alert the P.P. about crowd control issues!

Have a great week.

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