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The old lift hut at The Keppoch



Hope that everyone enjoyed a weekend free of precipitation. The roads and sidewalks are becoming passable and everyone’s mood is just a bit better now that February is in the rear view mirror. It was a pretty tough month weather wise but now the days are stretching out and spring can’t be too far away.

I admit that I have taken two decent spills on the ice and I’m sure I have company. I was chatting with someone the other day about road conditions in the county and he mentioned an innovative solution when you run out of salt and sand. I was so taken with his description that I felt compelled to write a story. It’s called “Littering The Ice” and will be appearing soon on my website.

My Casket story this week is about high school graduations… then and now. Back in 1970, 62 brave souls crossed the stage at the St.Ninian Culture and Recreation Centre” , more commonly referred to as the “Parish Centre” or simply “the Centre.” I could write an entire book about “the centre” as it was the major hub of activity for young people back in the 60’s. Graduation was a simple low key affair 45 years ago. “Forty – Five Years From Now” will also be published here on Wednesday.

The other story still in the queue awaiting editing is called “ My Cup Runneth Over ( Bra Beaten ). “ I have a suspicion that the editor (!) might be making some changes to this one. It is a story about laundry and is a guide for men who have the nerve to launder their spouse’s clothing… and not just any clothing!

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the good folks who volunteer their time for the Hot Meal program at St. James United Church. Every Tuesday and Thursday, somewhere  between 35-60 people are fed a hot meal at noon hour. Most of us take food for granted but lots of people struggle putting food on the table.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I am on the board of Friends of Antigonish Library. ( FOAL ). Our very own People’s Place library recently received its award as “best public space in Canada.” Libraries are chronically underfunded and ours is no different.

Friends of Antigonish Library ( FOAL ) supports the library through advocacy and fundraising for collections. We are embarking on a modest financial campaign ( $7500 ) to raise money for the library. If anyone would like to make a donation ( tax deductible ) please get in touch with me.

We had an awesome Sunday afternoon snow shoeing at the Keppoch. It was a perfect day. John Chiasson and his team of volunteers have done an amazing job bringing the Keppoch back to life.

Have a great week.

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