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“Arse over tea kettle”



In case you missed my “fall from grace” this past weekend, check out this video. I was shovelling several feet of snow off the roof of our house and decided a leap into the snow bank was in order. It didn’t go according to script as you will see! I am currently using cream for the aching back. It’s called “revoltaren.”

Are you as sick as I am  hearing about the weather? I mean, it’s been tough but we do live in a Northern climate after all. We live on a dead end street so the whole snow removal business has been very challenging. One poor fellow has been out there every day for weeks hauling big scoops of snow some 50 yards away to the very end of the street. There is simply no other place to put it. The other day, I was walking home and I could hear a voice off in the distance. It was himself, leaning on the shovel, talking to the snowbank. I think he needs a break!

We’ve all been reading about the new anti terrorism legislation, Bill C-51. There is a new terrorism threat right in our back yard: over extended people wielding shovels. I have a message, nay, a warning for all of those people sending back those cheery photos  of themselves sipping cool drinks on the beaches in the Caribbean. Do not show up in the airport in Halifax ,deeply tanned, wearing something white to make sure you’re noticed. A group of winter warriors may impale you on the end of their shovels.

One final note on the weather. Last Friday was the first day of spring and coincidentally International Day of Happiness. This was preceded by the International Day of Misery on Thursday after digging out from another storm.

I spent the first day of spring enjoying the company of several people at the Days Gone By Restaurant ( and Bakery and Antique shop ) in Guysborough. We  had dinner and then I spent an hour telling stories and singing some tunes. It was a spectacular day and it was very inspiring to be able to look out at Chedabucto Bay in all its glory. The acoustics at days Gone By were first class. And, Aldona and staff are warm, kind people who serve up wonderful food.

Tomorrow’s story is called “Bra Beaten.”  It is a cautionary tale of how tricky it can be for a man to  launder his wife’s clothing. I can save men a lot of trouble. DO NOT volunteer to do your wife’s laundry.

Also waiting in the queue, is the story about an epic trip by train to Montreal in 1971. Four scraggly and dishevelled university students disembarked from the rail liner in the bowels of Union Station in Montreal in the middle of the “storm of the century.” Like many, I lament the passing of rail service in our part of the world. I still love getting on a train from time to time. Coming soon, “The Habs and the Hab Nots.”

Many of you will be familiar with journalist and author, Linden MacIntyre ( of Fifth Estate fame ). Linden will be coming to Antigonish on April 9th. as the keynote speaker for the Chamber of Commerce President’s Dinner. Even if you are not a Chamber member, you can still go. Yours truly will be the MC and I plan to have a bit of fun that evening.

Here’s hoping everyone has a great week and let’s pray that Mother Nature gets over her major snit and gives us some spring weather.

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