Monday Morning Musings

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Summer has arrived.

Rare sightings.

Over the weekend, a beluga whale was spotted swimming in Halifax Harbor. This is highly unusual according to marine experts. But something else happened last week that was much rarer. I was in Sydney to take part in a fundraiser. Betty was with me and I needed to stop at Dollarama on the Sydney – Glace Bay highway to get a few stationery supplies. She sat in the car and waited for me while I went shopping. This has never happened in 33 years of marriage. I hope that this does not become a common occurrence.

Last week will go down as one of the more epic ones for us. We sold our house ( yeah! ) and I retired from the financial planning business. We have settled into apartment living but not before completing the herculean task of purging and downsizing. Those of you who have already done this,  understand completely what I’m talking about.  It is physically and mentally exhausting… and necessary. Let’s face it. We all have way too much “stuff.”  I can’t imagine trying to do this at an older age or being forced into doing it because of other circumstances ( poor health etc. ). I can tell you, that it is a very liberating exercise.

I am not comfortable with the word “retirement.” I don’t think the word means anything any more. The whole face of retirement is changing right before our eyes as more and more people leave one career and take up something completely different, usually on a part time , casual basis. I am one of those who will not “ go gently into that good night.” I plan to continue to work and look forward to “re-hirement.” I want credit in Wikipedia for coining this new word, btw!

I received a terrific response to the story “Best Before.” If  you haven’t read it yet, you can always go to the search bar on my home page and type in the name. All of my stories are archived.

And I would also like to thank people for all of the nice comments I received last week when I wound up my financial planning career. Note that I didn’t say the “R” word!

Like many folks around here, I have been following the unfolding story about Austin and Marilyn and their impending nuptials. It is amazing how the community has rallied around this lovely couple. And what would I say to them about the keys to a long and happy marriage, if asked?

There has been volumes written about marriage and I am certainly no expert on the subject but I am a keen observer of the human condition. There are definitely “dos and don’t’s.” Never do drywalling together. Never ask your spouse to be the navigator on a long road trip. Men, make sure to put the toilet seat down every time, and do not buy your wives gifts like vacuum cleaners or power tools… unless they are carpenters!

In the newest story from Week45, “You’re Toast” explores the notion of what constitutes a happy marriage and what needs to be done to keep it that way. I had a lot of fun with this one and can hardly wait till the editor (!) gets her hands on it. ( She may get her hands on my throat as well .)

Have a great week.

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