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Posted on December 3, 2017 under News & Updates with 2 comments

Cyclone Ockhi – Kannyakumari, India


How many of you are aware that there was a devastating cyclone in the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu earlier this week?

Not many, just as one would imagine.

But if I asked you who was the latest politician or media darling in North America ousted for sexual misconduct, it would be on the tip of your tongue.

In the Kannyakumari District , where I spent 4 months of my life this past winter, lives were lost, homes and businesses destroyed. There are 1,000 fishermen still unaccounted for.

In “our world,” the lead up to hurricanes is almost theatrical and any loss of life garners massive media attention.

Meanwhile, half way around the world…

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2 Responses to Something to Ponder

  1. Greg Albert says:

    Good Morning Len
    I guess we do not realize how lucky we are in our
    part of the world compared to what some people are
    going through in these far away countries.Anyway take
    care and have a good week-end.

  2. Yvonne Fox says:

    Len, Len, Len…. my thoughts exactly!!! Drives me nuts our North American navel gazing. I think it’s inexcusable the mess we’re expecting the next generation to handle when ours (and those older who started down this path years ago) has messed up so badly.
    Since three of Robert’s sisters married Air Force guys, we had occasion to take a 2 week trip to England then across the Channel to France and Germany with the children in 1979. The old gal came back after seeing countries that had been blasted to kingdom come, not once but twice in recent times and how far they had come back from that devastation. Anyway, after that I always wanted to have a cartoonist (if I could find one handy) to draw a picture of different aged and nationality NA adults in a huge playpen with North America on it’s side and the adults all in diapers since, way back then even, I figured we generally were figuring we were the centre of the universe.

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