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I know. I should just put a picture of Betty with this blurb and everyone will read it.

Those of you who read my website posts know a few things about me…probably too much! My marathon training taught me many things including consistency and discipline. I have tried to apply some of the same things to my writing. So, without fail, I publish Monday Morning Musings on Mondays. Tuesday , I normally publish a story. Wednesday you get a day off. On Thursday, it’s Thursday Tidbits. Occasionally I do a TGIF on Fridays and Saturday is my second story day of the week. And like the our creator, I rest on Sundays. In other words, I am predictable.

Starting this week, I will be changing things up… slightly. As you know, I write a column for The Casket every other week so beginning this week, every other week I will be posting a story on Wednesday to coincide with my Casket story. They changed their publication day from Tuesday to Wednesday. Got that?

By the way, I wrote a beauty today while eating my lunch. Confession time. I was stopped by the Mounties a few weeks ago while travelling through Cape Breton and got busted for using a cell phone. You’ll see the details in the story. I NEVER use the phone, text or e-mail while driving and my phone log will show this if I decide to defend myself. I have nearly been  run over in intersections more than once by inattentaive driver so I heartily endorse enforcement. I totally understand that having distractions while driving is a hazard. So when I saw a driver with his Golden Retriever in his lap virtually driving his truck, I got to thinking. If this doesn’t constitute distraction, I don’t know what does. The story is called ” Driven to Distraction.”

And Norma Jean keeps new story ideas coming my way every time she opens her mouth. Will I ever run out of story ideas? Nope. Not as long as NJ is alive and kicking.

OK. We’ll see you tomorrow. “Mass Appeal.”

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